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U.S. Destruction of Iraq Sanitation & Irrigation systems & Prevention of Rebuilding  by Charley Reece and Sunday Herald

NATO War Crimes "Hearings"   International hearings hold Clinton, Albright responsible

         NATO-Washington Lies About Kosovo    various links

Amnesty International Study of NATO War Crimes --Urges Officers be brought to Justice

Human Rights Watch Declares NATO Violations of Geneva Convention in 5 areas  U.S. stopped using cluster bombs after public outcry, Brits continued

More McCaffrey command war crimes

Iraq, A Massacre, not a War   5/31/00 by Robert Jensen of Los Angeles Times

Human Rights Watch Charges NATO War Crimes--5 Violations of Geneva Convention--US Stopped Using Cluster Bombs after publicity

War Crimes Tribunal Takes Up Charges Against NATO --see below for backgrounders; 

Washington Concerned about War Crimes Tribunal  

Canada's Former Ambassador to Yugoslavia on NATO Lawbreaking Address to the Committee on Foreign Affairs, House of Commons, Ottawa, Feb. 17, 00

The bloody truth of how Nato changed the rules to win a 'moral war' in Yugoslavia by Robert Fisk

Global Tribunal on US/NATO War Crimes

NATO/Washington Civilian Targets--by Alex. Cockburn, the entire list

Cluster Bombs and Children--Bomb First, Kill Later

NATO Hypocrisy--says chemical and biological weapons illegal, but nuclear weapons OK

"NATO should have been abolished after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact, and the collapse of the Soviet Union. Its preservation and subsequent enlargement had a deeply destabilizing effect on Europe and on the nature of America’s long-term relationship with Russia. George Kennan rightly called it “the most fateful error of American policy in the entire post-Cold War era.” Its quest for new missions has turned into an aggressive tool of interventionist hegemony, as witnessed in the Balkans last year. It is an organization
tainted by criminality. It existence is devoid of any strategic logic, military necessity, or ideological merit." ROCKFORD INSTITUTE, 10/31/00

"Bombing, done with the notion that our own blood is not to be shed, is obscene....the detestation of America that we are seeding in all the poor populations of the world.....NATO, it's function ended with the cold war; it has proved propagandistic and witless in its desire to work up a 2nd function."  Norman Mailer (WASH. POST 5/24)

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