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The case of the young American Jew, Adam Shapiro, working in Palestine with the Peace Groups and having his family in New York threatened with death should remind us all that most Jews in America are not Likudniks.  We conservatives hear almost nothing about Jewish peace groups, those opposed to Sharon, the Likud, the settlements (the "abominable settlements" in the words of NY TIMES columnist Thomas Friedman), unending war and making America into the enemy of the Moslem world. Besides Shapiro there are many unsung principled Jews such as he.  More recently there was Rachel Corrie ,run over by an Israeli bulldozer as she protested the razing of Palestinian homes. 

Most Jews, American and Israeli, want peace and are willing to compromise with Palestinians.  The AMERICAN PROSPECT published a long report on polling of Jewish views and how the Likud Lobby works to intimidate those who oppose it.  The study shows that it is just two large Likudnik groups in Washington that foment the settlements and Sharon, that make up the much feared "Israeli Lobby" that terrifies most Congressmen, the American Israeli Political Action Committee (named by FORTUNE the most powerful lobby in Washington) and the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations.  The Conference is dominated by small, radical groups each of which has a vote carrying the same weight as 700,000 member large organizations which want peace. These two count on the image of a Jewish Monolithic Power to intimidate journalists and congressmen to support Sharon and the settlements.

    Their greatest venom is directed against fellow Jews who favor peace and compromise, see THREATS AGAINST TIKKUN, (and link below on "Self Hating Jews") precisely because they threaten the image of monolithic Jewish political power.  The lobby's overwhelming power also comes from another, far less known element, fundamentalist Christian  Dispensationalists, or Christian Zionists, especially those who have moved from forecasting Armageddon to actively trying to bring it about.   And lastly it comes from old conservative cold war warriors (who miss having an enemy) and empire wanters who envision America ruling the world with Israel's help.

    The NEW YORK TIMES published an article by the editor of FORWARD, the major Jewish weekly newspaper, explaining that most American Jews favor compromise with the Palestinians, and financial pressure on Sharon to force a compromise.   Almost never is such information reported to American Conservatives who, mainly from the WALL STREET JOURNAL op-ed, NATIONAL REVIEW,  THE WASHINGTON TIMES (although it publishes columnists with opposing views), only get Sharon/Likud occupation views.   See (long) List of Pro-Likud Conservative journalists   

See Myth of Israel’s ‘generous offer’ Damages Truth, Peace  

Israel and American Religious Fundamentalism  history of Jewish assimilation since Spain, dangers of growing fundamentalism, God only put on coins by Lincoln, not before, Israel's Threat to Jews in the world, much more--very interesting  AMERICAN PROSPECT

Orthodox Jews Protest Christian Zionist Attack on Road Map for Peace

Jewish Warning of Coming Decline of Israeli Lobby  by Elliot Abrams

The Likudnik Factor  Mickey Kaus in SLATE --Jewish resistance to Bush-Sharon axis

Long List of Sites, mainly peace ones, but including Likud, settlers lobbies, etc

  Following are links to American Jewish sites opposed to the West Bank settlements and occupation of Palestinian lands and homes-----

American Council for Judaism    One of the oldest, most authoritative, more than 50 years old, maintains the concept that Judaism is a religion, not a nationality.  The council believes that Americans of Jewish faith are American by nationality, and Jews by religion, just as other American are Baptists, Catholics, etc.  It was founded by a group of reform rabbis, its first Director was Rabbi Elmer Berger.

J Street and the Israeli Lobby report on 3rd annual conference, 2,500 attendees

J-Street "Israel’s Sake, Moderate American Jews Must Find Their Voice" "pro-Israel" in Washington means for wars, occupations, alliance with war party, neocons and Armageddon wanters by Jeremy Ben-Ami Exec. Director J Street and JStreetPac  New influential group

J Street Offers Alternative to AIPAC  Conference in Washington, Jewish views not reported in mainstream media

Americans for Peace Now  very large Israeli and American operation, good website, lots of info and activism

Jewish Voice For Peace Various activities, information and contacts, Report on National Conference

MuzzleWatch-- Tracking efforts to stifle open debate about US-Israeli foreign policy.

Not in My Name   Seeking a just peace between Palestinians and Israelis

The Divine Wind  by Israel Shamir   Sharon and Israel going too far --no word in Hebrew for "nemesis" and "hubris"

March for Justice   March Weekly --Florida group

Norman Finkelstein, Author of "The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering"   article in COUNTERPUNCH

UK Chief rabbi criticizes Israeli government policies     Orthodox Jews against Zionism

Gush Shalom (Israeli Peace Bloc) Activists visit West Bank --dialogues with Palestinians, pictures. You can get on English update email list by asking --

T A ' A Y U S H     Israelis working with Palestinians in occupied territories - Pictures

TIKKUN,      the main anti-Zionist Jewish Liberal magazine .  A typical report    "MORE JEWS SAYING "No" TO THE OCCUPATION"    Rabbi Michael Lerner, whose California-based Tikkun magazine promotes the view that “Jews did not climb out of the gas chambers of Europe to oppress another people,” routinely gets death threats," reports Holger Jensen, Rocky Mountain News (Denver) 4/6/02

Jews United Against Zionism Jews United Against Zionism  Neturei Karta "Jews and Zionism are not the same thing"    features Jewish writers opposed to Middle East war

new10.gif (281 bytes) Jewish Friends of Palestine -- a new site with lots of links  Jews for Peace in Palestine and Israel (JPPI) 

Rabbis for Human Rights    Israeli group

Also see   American Jews for a Just Peace: Re-Claiming Our Community's Principles, National Conference in Washington, DC, April 26-29      We believe that as Jews outside of Israel, we have both a right and obligation to speak out in favor of an Israel that pursues peaceful, ethical, just, and democratic policies   The Jewish Peace Lobby       

Haaretz is one of Israel's largest newspapers.  It reports all sorts of information generally suppressed in America's conservative media.--     Jewish Voices Against the Occupation   See copy below of their ad from NEW YORK TIMES op-ed  3/17/02

Jewish Peace Groups   Yahoo search--many   A report on conditions of Palestinians and Settlers

new10.gif (281 bytes) The Israeli Committee against House Demolitions

Russian Leftist Links  incl. articles by Israel Shamir, Israeli Peace activist

new10.gif (281 bytes) Jews Against Zionism  --long list of websites

Here are just a few.
1.. Jews NOT Zionists

2..  Not in My Name:

3.. Jewish Peace Fellowship

4.. Neturei Karta Homepage

5.. Yesh Gvul, The movement for IDF men refusing to
serve in the Occupied Territories.

6.. Israeli Committee Against Home Demolitions

7.. Bat Shalom, Israeli Women for Peace

8.. Deutsch-Isrelischer Arbeitskreis fur Frieden im Nahen Osten (DIAK)

9.. Eda Haredit, A hundred thousand anti-Zionist
Hasidim all at one place.

10.. B'Tselem

11.. "Occupied Territory"

12.. Rabbis for Human Rights

13.. Not in Our Name Coalition

14.. Oz v'Shalom - Netivot Shalom (religious Zionist anti-Occupation)

15.. The Hidden History of Zionism by Ralph

16.. Association for Civil Rights in Israel

17.. Gush Shalom

18.: Jews United Against Zionism:

New List of General Groups -- Includes some duplications with above groups (posted 12/07/07)
Challenging Christian Zionism (USA)
Filosemitisme (Google)
Israel lobby in the United States (
The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy (Wikip.)
Israel lobby watch (Electronic Intifada)
Een Ander Joods Geluid (NL)
Onderzoek en Informatiecentrum Israel-Palestina
Conflicts Forum-links
Electronic Iraq
Electronic Iran
Iran Focus
Think Progress - IRAN (USA)
Think Progress - IRAK (USA)
The Arabist
Electronic Intifada
The Origin of the Israeli-Palestine Conflict
Jews for Justice for Palestinians (UK)
European Jews for a just Peace (EJJP)
The Alternative Information Center (Israel/Palest.
Americans for Peace Now
MuzzleWatch (VSA)
Mondoweiss (USA)
Muslim (USA)
If Americans Knew..
Jewish Voice for Peace (USA)
US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation
The Arab American Institute (USA)
Rise of Religious Right in Republican Party
Peace Now (Israel)
Israel Policy Forum
Gush Shalom - Israeli Peace Bloc
International Solidarity Movement
Jews Against Occupation (American Jews)
Jews not Zionists
Ynetnews-Opinion from Israel



2/17/11  J-Street Group Plans 2nd Washington Conference  3 days in February, thousands expected, top speakers--Jews against more wars, Likud imperialism, & Christian fundamentalist death wanters

7/21/10  Israeli Volunteers Take Busload of Palestinian Children For First Trip to Beach  normally not allowed through myriad Israeli check points

6/10/10  Attitudes of Younger American Jews Towards Israel by Peter Beinart in New York Review of Books --extraordinary analysis of disaffection of American Jews towards Israel today

6/08/09  Philip Weiss on Netanyahu and Neoconservatives' well funded Think Tank in Israel , Shalem Center    See also many article, highlights from MondoWeiss

12/29/08  More Journalists Dare to Challenge Israel (Likud) Lobby Joe Klein in TIME, Glen Greenwald at SALON.COM etc.  J Street give courage, clout and disperses message

12/05/08  Congress Welcomes J-Street  "AIPAC had become one of the most feared, and secretly loathed, presences on Capital Hill."

11/13/08  J Street Show Political Strength in Elections --helps defeat two Republican Likudniks, Senator Gordon Smith of Oregon and Michigan's 8 term representative Joe Knollenberg

7/24/08  Anti-War Movement Successfully Pushes Back Against Military Confrontation With Iran  House Bill calling for naval blockade

7/24/08  "The Previously Silent Majority"  J-Street write up in Haaretz

6/07/08  New J-Street Group Fights AIPAC-LIKUD domination of Washington Mid-East Policies   The American Conservative

4/25/08  For Israel’s Sake, Moderate American Jews Must Find Their Voice  "pro-Israel" in Washington means for wars, occupations, alliance with war party, neocons and Armageddon wanters by Jeremy Ben-Ami Exec. Director J Street and JStreetPac

4/17/08  New Group Tries to Oppose AIPAC   to organize a contrary Jewish voice in Washington, J Street Group plans 1.5 million budget

3/27/08   U.N. Taps American Jewish Critic of Israel as Rights Expert  Former Princeton professor of international law know for criticism of occupation actions

1/27/08  Israeli Peace Activists  more than a thousand attempt symbolic breach of blockade of Gaza with trucks of essential supplies

1/02/08  Polls show most Jews oppose Israel Lobby/Neocons/War Party Hawks 68% unimpressed by "the surge," 67% opposed invading Iraq, wholesale rejection of Bush-Neocon Agenda-- AIPAC, etc are unrepresentative and 'Bad for the Jews'

11/20/07  One Million Voices to End the Conflict  signing up a million Israelis and Palestinians --trying to bring some rationalism and moderation to both sides

11/16/07  Holy Land Studies Journal  Various interesting synopsis of articles on Zionism and Jewish history

3/06/07  Norman Finkelstein Web Site  Jewish Community Worried About Iran Backlash

2/17/07  Israeli Lobby Under Pressure -- more questioning by other Jews of minority who push Likud settler agenda

2/08/07  Independent Jewish Voices    English Jewish leaders speak out for peace settlement with Palestinians against Likud settlers' abuses, etc.

12/14/06  Holocaust Conference in Tehran includes Rabbis from Neturei Karta using platform to express opposition to Zionism, use of holocaust to justify Israeli occupations of Arabs lands in contrary to God's will

11/24/06  Soros Sits In as Fledgling Dovish Coalition Sets Out To Raise Millions to include Morton Halperin and Jeremy Ben-Ami

10/29/06  Hard Right Attacks Soros, Peter Lewis & Bronfmans  Newsmax, a Republican site of the Bushites and Neo-cons, funded by Scaife interests, attacks Jews trying to form a group to counter the Likud Lobby 

new10.gif (281 bytes) 10/09/06  Anti-Zionist Jews Prevented from Speaking by Zionist Lobby  Two major American Jewish organizations helped block a prominent New York University historian from speaking at the Polish consulate here last week, saying the academic was too critical of Israel and American Jewry.   The historian, Tony Judt, is Jewish and directs New York University's Remarque Institute.......

 "Self Hating Jews" --thousands named --term used for Jews who support freedom, justice, rule of law, peace, international harmony, in other words oppose religious fanatics, Likudnik settlements or who criticize militant Zionism 

11/26/04  U.S. Jewish Groups Press for Peace -- dispute policies of "Israeli Lobby"

6/2 TIKKUN   Lobbies Congress to show evidence that AIPAC (Sharon-settler lobby) doesn't represent all Jews

Jewish Voices Against Israel's Occupation of Palestinian Territories

The occupation of the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and East Jerusalem is killing Palestinians and Israelis alike and destroying Israel from within. There can be no peace or security for either until Israel completely evacuates its settlements in Palestinian territories, ends its military occupation, and returns to its pre-1967 borders.
As Jews, we call upon Israel:
  • to agree to the immediate establishment of an international peacekeeping force in the occupied territories to protect civilians from violence by the Israeli military and settlers;
  • to cease building or expanding settlements as a first step toward their complete evacuation.

As Jews and U.S. taxpayers, we call upon the U.S. Government:

  • to suspend military aid to Israel, which is used to maintain the occupation, until Israel withdraws completely from the occupied territories;
  • to reduce economic aid to Israel by the amount spent on maintaining the settlements until all are evacuated;
  • to redirect this reduction of economic aid toward reconstructing the devastated infrastructure of Palestine.
We urge Israel to acknowledge that it bears significant historical responsibility for the dispossession of the Palestinian people, and to work toward a just solution to the plight of Palestinian refugees.

Finally, deeply distressed over the lives lost in desperate attacks by Palestinians, we call upon the Palestinian Authority to make every effort to curtail acts of violence against civilians in Israel.

Israel's security policies harm all the peoples of the Middle East and make Israel less secure, not more.


This ad, paid for by more than 600 contributors, is part of an ongoing campaign. Join our efforts. Visit our website or write us.

This is an abridged version of a more comprehensive statement written by Jewish Voices Against the Occupation (JVAO). The full text and its signers can be seen on or received from JVAO, P.O. Box 11606, Berkeley, CA 94712.


Dear friend,

Many thanks for your interest in the "Open Letter from American Jews" on Israel/Palestine. Please forgive this electronic form letter, but I am currently submerged in e-mails ...

If you are writing to add your signature to the Open Letter, please remember that you should include either your city + state or an institutional affiliation ("affiliation listed for identification only"), whichever you prefer. I will add your signature to the master list within the next few days.

If you are writing to offer reasoned criticism of the Open Letter, I or one of the co-organizers will try to send you a reasoned reply, time permitting -- but please be patient, as we are volunteers and have day jobs too!

If you are writing to offer insult or abuse, please accept our condolences.

Signatures are continuing to pour in, and we would very much like to publish the Open Letter in as many newspapers as possible (e.g. Washington Post, USA Today, Jerusalem Post, and newspapers of the US Jewish community). If you are able and willing to contribute to this effort, your contribution of any size will be gratefully accepted (alas, ads are expensive!). Please make your check payable to "Peace in the Middle East" and send it to Professor Bruce Robbins, Dept. of English and Comparative Literature, Philosophy Hall, Columbia University, New York, NY 10027. If we raise more money than needed, Bruce will refund the excess pro-rata to all the contributors.

Last but not least, please do circulate the Open Letter (copy enclosed) to your friends and colleagues who you think might be interested in signing. The instructions to signers are: Send a message to indicating clearly that you want to sign, giving your name along with city + state or institutional affiliation ("affiliation listed for identification only"), whichever you prefer. Then continue forwarding the Open Letter, along with these instructions.

Best wishes, and many thanks for all your help,


P.S. In preparing this Open Letter, we made the tactical decision that a petition from peace-minded _Jewish_ Americans was especially needed at this time.

But support from both Jews and non-Jews is important to us. And similar initiatives from other groups of Americans, or from Americans without regard to ethnicity, are most welcome and indeed essential! So please do circulate the Open Letter to your friends and colleagues, irrespective of ethnicity: we want to publicize the _ideas_ as widely as possible. And we will be very happy to add non-Jewish supporters to our e-mail list, so that they can receive updates.

P.P.S. Many people have asked who we are! We started out as a small group of Jewish Americans (mostly university professors) who got together by e-mail in mid-April to draft this Open Letter, without at first being totally sure how and where we'd make it public. It took off so rapidly via e-mail, with hundreds of people spontaneously offering contributions to publish the Open Letter as an ad, that we decided to go ahead with placing ads. So we don't have any organizational ambitions. Our goals are to publish the statement as widely as possible, both in the U.S. and Israeli press, and to put our supporters in contact with existing Jewish peace organizations that have long-term educational and lobbying strategies.




Published in Several Major Newspapers in 2002

In the wake of the recent bloodshed in the Middle East, many Israelis and Palestinians -- and their supporters in the United States -- have reverted to an us-versus-them thinking in which they see themselves as righteous victims and ignore or minimize the injustices they have done, and continue to do, to the other people.

In fact, both the Israeli and Palestinian peoples have suffered great wrongs at the hands of the other, albeit in different and unequal ways; both have legitimate grievances, legitimate fears, and legitimate distrust of the other people's willingness to compromise for the sake of peace.

Though the signers of this letter have a wide range of views about the blame for the present situation, we have a common view of what a solution will have to consist of.

Incremental attempts at building trust have reached an impasse. The only alternative to endless war is a comprehensive settlement based on simple but radical principles:

-- Israeli and Palestinian lives are equally precious.

-- The Israeli and Palestinian peoples have equal rights to national

self-determination and to live in peace and security.

-- The Israeli and Palestinian peoples have equal rights to a fair share

of the land and resources of historic Palestine.

Fair-minded people throughout the world have long understood with some precision what a tenable solution, respecting these principles, would entail:

-- Two national states, Israel and Palestine, with equal sovereignty,

equal rights and equal responsibilities.

-- Partition along the pre-1967 border as modified only by minor

mutually agreed territorial swaps.

-- Israeli evacuation of all settlements in the occupied territories

except those within the agreed swapped areas.

-- Palestinian and Arab recognition of Israel and renunciation of

any further territorial claims.

-- Palestinian acceptance of negotiated limitations on the "right of

return" in exchange for financial compensation for refugees.

Several years ago, polls showed that majorities of both Israelis and Palestinians were willing to accept a compromise settlement of this kind. Despite the current carnage, that may still be the case; but compromise is difficult when majorities on both sides support provocative military actions that they view as purely defensive, while powerful minorities pursue maximalist territorial aims.

If Israelis and Palestinians are unwilling or unable to negotiate a workable peace, the international community must take the lead in promoting one. This is in the long-term interest not only of Israelis and Palestinians, but also of Americans: recent events have made painfully clear that our own national security is deeply undermined by instability and injustice in the Middle East.

The U.S. bears a special responsibility for the current tragic impasse, by virtue of our massive economic and military support for the Israeli

government: $500 per Israeli citizen per year. Our country has an extraordinary leverage on Israeli policy, if only our government would dare to use it. As American Jews who care deeply about the long-term security of Israel, we call on our government to make continued aid conditional on Israeli acceptance of an internationally agreed two-state settlement.

Rejectionists on both sides will of course attack any such settlement. Foreign troops may well be required to enforce it, and they must be prepared to accept casualties. One may nevertheless hope that majorities of both Israelis and Palestinians will realize that an imperfect peace is preferable to endless war.

There is no guarantee that this approach will work; but it is virtually guaranteed that all alternatives will fail.


[affiliations listed for identification only]

Ben Abeles, Princeton NJ

Henry Abelove, Wesleyan University

Ron Abernethy, Englewood NJ

David Abraham, University of Miami

Josef Abraham, Brooklyn NY

Rose Abrahamson

Paula Abrams-Hourani, Vienna, Austria (retired)

Ellie Adiel, Woodbury NY

Donna M. Altimari Adler, Downers Grove IL

Steven Adler-Golden, Newtonville MA

Arnold Albert, Los Angeles CA

Ruth Matthews Albert, Los Angeles CA

Eric Albertson, Carle Place NY

Sally A. Albright, Grand Rapids MI

Jack Alexander, Poestenkill NY

Jill Alexander, San Francisco CA

Douglas Allen, University of Maine

Francine Joy Allen, Whittaker MI

Joan Kramer Allen, Berkeley CA

Sheila Allen, Philadelphia PA

Joseph S. Alper, University of Massachusetts-Boston

Benjamin L. Alpers, University of Oklahoma

Paul Alpers, University of California-Berkeley (emeritus)

Emily Alston-Follansbee, Concord MA

Ann Ilan Alter, New York NY

Karen J. Alter, Northwestern University

Ron Aminzade, University of Minnesota

Yali Amit, University of Chicago

Dorothy Anker Fisher Anderson, Stanford CA

Jeanne L. Anderson, New York NY

Dina D. Angress

Gil Anidjar, Columbia University

David Ansell, Oak Park, IL

David Antebi, Rutgers University (emeritus)

Paula Antebi, Highland Park NJ

Anatole Anton, San Francisco State University

Richard Appelbaum, University of California-Santa Barbara

Evan Appelman, Kensington CA

Harry Appelman, Silver Spring MD

Mary Appelman, Kensington CA

Alan Applebaum, New York NY

Wilbur Applebaum, Illinois Institute of Technology (emeritus)

Bettina Aptheker, University of California-Santa Cruz

Martine Arenella, New York NY

David Arfa, Shelburne Falls MA

Jane Ariel, Oakland CA

Daniele Armaleo, Duke University

Jill Arnel, Oregon City OR

Ester Aron, New York NY

Stanley Aronowitz, CUNY Graduate Center

Michael Arons, Long Island University

Adrienne Asch, Wellesley College

Carol Ascher, New York University

Albert Russell Ascoli, Berkeley CA

Arlene Ash, Boston University School of Medicine

Michael Ash, University of Massachusetts-Amherst

Peter Ash, Arlington MA

Evan Ashkin, M.D., University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Dore Ashton, Cooper Union

William Askins, New York NY

Paul Attewell, CUNY Graduate Center

Jonathan Auerbach, University of Maryland

Nina Auerbach, University of Pennsylvania

Claudia Auger, Miami Beach FL

Joseph Auslander, University of Maryland (emeritus)

Regina Avraham, Brooklyn, NY

Howard Axner, Maitland FL

Isaac Balbus, University of Illinois-Chicago

Alan D. Ball, Chicago IL

David S. Ball, Charleston SC

Erica E. Ball, Natick MA

Jay H. Ball, Natick MA

Albano Ballerini, Brooklyn NY

Sunny Balsam

Mark Baltin, New York University

Jeanne Bamberger, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Gabriel and Diana Banat, Dobbs Ferry NY

Karen Barad, Mount Holyoke College

Enzo Bard, SUNY Downstate Medical Center

Mara Bard, SUNY Downstate Medical Center

Stanley Bardwell, M.D., Catskill NY

Sharon Bargy, Oakland MI

Naomi Barko, Stamford CT

Elaine Lipman Barnes, Columbus OH

Ruth Barnes, Los Angeles CA

Swift Churchill Barnes, Yarmouth MA

Michael Barnett, University of Wisconsin

David Barney

Gertrude Barnstone, Houston TX

Tsela Barr, Jews for Equal Justice

Marcia W. Barrabee, State College PA

Dr. Howard E. and Shirley K. Barsky, Atlantic City NJ

Rose and Burt Barth, Solon OH

Keren Batiyov, Harrisburg PA

Joseph Battat, The World Bank

Barbara Baum, San Rafael CA

Holly Baum, Buffalo NY

Walter Baum, San Rafael CA

Batya Bauman, Amherst MA

Aaron Baumgarten, Canoga Park CA

Elias Baumgarten, University of Michigan

Ronald J. Baumgarten, University of Illinois-Chicago

Jim Baumohl, Bryn Mawr College

Rosalyn Baxandall, SUNY Old Westbury

Ronald Bayer, Columbia University

Nadine J. Beck, Somerville MA

Edward and Barbara Becker, Maplewood NJ

Nettie Becker, New York NY

Paul Becker, New York NY

Jonathan Beckwith, Harvard Medical School

Celeste and William Behrend, Pittsburgh PA

Joel Beinin, Stanford University

Pamela Bel Anu, Venice CA

Jane Goodman Bell, Nashville TN

Judith Bell, San Francisco CA

Richard Bell, Portland OR

Hal Bellinson, New York NY

Ruth and Roy Belzer, Glencoe IL

Jacob Bender, The Workmen's Circle/Arbeter Ring

Thomas Bender, New York University

Gary Benenson, City College of New York

Jess Benhabib, New York University

Seyla Benhabib, Yale University

Avrom Bendavid-Val, Washington DC

Ady Ben-Israel, Brooklyn NY

Alan Benjamin, New York NY

Rina Benmayor, California State University-Monterey Bay

Barbara Agostini Bennett, Rome, Italy

Lisa Bennett, Highland Park NJ

Henry Berger, St. Louis MO

Iris Berger, University at Albany

Sheila Berger, SUNY-Albany

Gene Bergman, Burlington VT

Debra Bergoffen, George Mason University

Mira Tetkowski Berkley, SUNY-Fredonia

Barak Berkowitz, Palo Alto CA

Mike Berkowitz, Local 21, International Federation of Professional and Technical Employees

Sandra J. Berkowitz, University of Maine

Michael J. Berla, Columbia MD

Tim Berla, Ann Arbor MI

Kenneth Berland, Santa Monica CA

Susan T. Berlin, Hawken School, Gates Mills OH

Judith Berlowitz, Berkeley, CA

Andrew Scott Berman, Chicago Veterans for Peace

Harold Bernard, New York University School of Medicine

Alyssa Rose Bernstein, Harvard University

Anne C. Bernstein, The Wright Institute, Berkeley

Arnold Bernstein, Queens College, CUNY (emeritus)

Charles Bernstein, SUNY-Buffalo

David Bernstein, University of Minnesota

Linda A. Bernstein, Beth Chai Congregation, Washington DC

Michael A. Bernstein, University of California-San Diego

Murray and Marcia Bernstein

Thomas P. Bernstein, Columbia University

Walter Bernstein, New York NY

Anatole Besman, M.D., University of Connecticut School of Medicine and Hartford Hospital

Howard R. Besser, Shaker Heights OH

John Beverley, University of Pittsburgh

David Biale, University of California-Davis

Rabbi Binyamin Biber, Machar Humanistic Congregation, Washington DC

Barbara Bick, Institute for Women's Policy Research

Larry Bilick, Berkeley CA

Cathy Birkenstein-Graff, Loyola University of Chicago

Thomas Bishop, New York University

Andy Blackman, New York NY

Robin Blaetz, Mount Holyoke College

Dina Blanc, Iowa City IA

Joseph Blanc, Philadelphia PA

Suzanne Blanc, Philadelphia PA

Stephen Blank, Pace University

Elliott M. Blass, University of Massachusetts-Amherst

Betty Munson Blatt, Cambridge MA

Marty Blatt, Cambridge MA

Judith R. Blau, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Chana Bloch, Mills College

Jack Block, University of California-Berkeley (emeritus)

James Block, DePaul University

Lisa Bloom, University of California-San Diego

Phyllis Bloom, Shokan NY

Keith Bloomgarden, New York NY

Phyllis Bluhm, Roslindale MA

Lawrence Blum, University of Massachusetts-Boston

Philip Blume, Albuquerque NM

Max Blumenthal, Los Angeles CA

Esther Blumenthal-Sheats, Palo Alto CA

Stuart Blumin, Cornell University

Renate Bob, Jamestown NY

Jean Bobick, Woodmere NY

Bruce T. Boccardy

Arthur P. Bochner, University of South Florida

Rosemarie Bodenheimer, Boston College

Diane Boehm, Allbuquerque NM

Frances Boehm, New York NY

Robert Boehm, New York NY

Lewis E. Bogage, DePauw University

Magda Bogin, Columbia University

Frederick N. Bohrer, Hood College

Audrey Bomse, Piscataway NJ

Sylvia Edelglass Bonnell, Kensington CA

Lisa Boodman, Lexington MA

Eva Masur Bornstein, Evanston IL

Herschel Bornstein, Evanston IL

Louis and Florence Boroson, Stony Brook NY

Linda Bosniak, Rutgers University

Erika Bourguignon, The Ohio State University

Paul A. Bove, University of Pittsburgh

Jocelyn Penn Bowman, Harwich MA

Joan Braderman, Hampshire College

Horst and Ruth Brand, Bethesda MD

Michael Brand, Essex Community College

Richard Brandt, New York University

Asher Brauner, Santa Cruz CA

Naomi Brauner, Santa Cruz CA

Sandra Brauner, Santa Cruz, CA

Elisa Braver, Beth Chai Congregation of Greater Washington

Winifred Breines, Northeastern University

Candace Bremond, San Diego CA

Judith Alexander Brice, M.D., Pittsburgh PA

Richard Brick, Columbia University

Beatrice Brickman, Los Angeles CA

Harry R. Brickman, Los Angeles CA

Lawrence Brickman, Brooklyn NY

Renate Bridenthal, New York NY

Emma Brier, New York NY

Natasha and Bernard Brightman, New York NY

Tony Brinkley, University of Maine

John Brinkman, Brooklyn NY

M. Cybil Britton, Annapolis MD

Karen Brodkin, University of California-Los Angeles

Jordanna Brodsky, New York NY

David Brody, University of California-Davis

Jennifer Brody, Lincoln MA

Miriam Brody, Ithaca College

Bella Brodzki, Sarah Lawrence College

Joan Lisa Bromberg, Baltimore MD

Felix Bronner, University of Connecticut Health Center (emeritus)

Leah Bronner, West Hartford CT

Stephen Eric Bronner, Rutgers University

Susan Bronstein, San Francisco State University

Leticia Broome, Wayland MA

David Brown, Philadelphia PA

Duncan M. Brown, Arlington VA

Francine Brown, New York NY

Jane K. Brown, University of Washington

Marshall Brown, University of Washington

Rebecca Brown, New York NY

Richard J. Brown, M.D., New York NY

Sid Brown, ElderVision

Stephen M. Brown, M.D., Oakland CA

Alastair Browne, Durham NC

Jim Browne, Pittsburgh PA

Noel Browne, Pittsburgh PA

Carole H. Browner, University of California-Los Angeles

Sydney Bubes

Andrew Buchman, Washington DC

Andrew Buchwalter, University of North Florida

Moshe Budmor, College of New Jersey (emeritus)

Alan J. Budney, University of Vermont

Lauren Bufferd, Nashville TN

Joanna Bulova, Jewish Community of Port Antonio, Jamaica

Michael Burawoy, University of California-Berkeley

Sharon Burde, New York NY

David J. Burdige, Old Dominion University

Ruth Burger, New York NY

Dan Burnstein, Northeastern University

Malcolm Burnstein, Berkeley CA

Hilde S. Burton, Berkeley CA

Andrew Bush, Weill Medical College of Cornell University

Judith Butler, University of California-Berkeley

Eric Buxton, San Diego CA

D.A. Cademartori

Jane Califf, Rutgers University

Leslie J. Calman, New York NY

Mark Cane, Columbia University

Eric Canin, California State University-Fullerton

Phyllis and John Cardozo, San Francisco CA

Hadiyah Carlyle, Seattle WA

Leonard Cassuto, Fordham University

Harvey Catchen, SUNY at Old Westbury

Emily Chadbourne, Temple Emanuel, Greensboro NC

Miriam Chaiken, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Anne Halley Chametzky, Amherst MA

Jules Chametzky, University of Massachusetts-Amherst

Sally Charnow, Hofstra University

Barbara H. Chasin, Montclair State University

Judith Chaves, North Ferrisburgh VT

N. Cheremeteff, Bridgeport CT

Marilyn Child, Santa Monica CA

Abram Chipman, Brookline MA

Susan B. Chipman, Brookline MA

Ellen Chirelstein, New York NY

Marvin Chirelstein, Columbia Law School

Linda Chisari, Del Mar CA

Barbara Chocky, New York NY

Alan Chodos, Alexandria VA

Carol Chomsky, University of Minnesota

Noam Chomsky, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Bette Chosak, Brooklyn NY, United Federation of Teachers (UFT)

Andreas Chrambach, National Institutes of Health

Judy Crichton, New York NY

Marilyn Church, New York NY

Jerry G. Chutkow, SUNY-Buffalo

Elena Citkowitz, Hospital of Saint Raphael

Michelle Citron, Northwestern University

Anne Solomon Clavel, Ithaca, New York

Caroline Clavel, Portland, Maine

Tom Clavel, Cornell University

John Clayton, University of Massachusetts-Amherst (retired)

Anthony Cockcroft, New York NY

David C. Cohen, Oakland CA

Derek Cohen, York University

Elizabeth Cohen, Swampscott MA

Erica Cohen, New York, NY

Fritzi Cohen, Fearless Fund

Helen M.S. Cohen, Baltimore MD

Ilene P. Cohen, Princeton NJ

James Cohen, University of Paris-VIII

Jeffrey M. Cohen, Baltimore MD

Joel M. Cohen, University of Maryland

Joshua Cohen, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Boston Review

Joshua L. Cohen, George Washington University

Leon Cohen, M.D., Portola Valley CA

Lizabeth Cohen, Harvard University

Lorraine Cohen, LaGuardia Community College, Long Island City NY

Lynne Cohen, University of Ottawa

Mardge H. Cohen, Cook County Hospital

Marlene Cohen, Machar, Washington DC Congregation of Secular Humanistic Judaism

Martin Cohen, Los Angeles Mission College

Robin Cohen, Salinas CA

Steve Cohen, Columbia University

William A. Cohen, University of Maryland

Steven F. Cohn, University of Maine

Lewis Cole, Columbia University

Norma Cole, San Francisco CA

Chuck Coleman, West Hollywood CA

Edna Coleman, New York NY

Patrick Coleman, University of California-Los Angeles

Barbara Coley, Suffolk Community College

Ruth Berins Collier, University of California-Berkeley

Hila Colman, Bridgewater CT

Kim Comart

Nancy L. Commins, Louisville CO

Barry Commoner, Queens College, CUNY

Eric R. Cone, Bondville VT

Chris Connery, University of California-Santa Cruz

Peter Conrad, Brandeis University

Carol E. Conroy, Rockville MD

Jerry Cooper, Johns Hopkins University

Margaret Cooper, New York NY

Ronda Cooperstein, Baltimore MD

Robert Copeland, Bethesda MD

David Copelin, Toronto, Canada

Stanley Corkin, University of Cincinnati

Stanley Corngold, Princeton University

Nina Cornyetz, New York University

Mauricio Cortina, Washington School of Psychiatry

Rita Coufal, Loyola Marymount University

Ann Covalt, Arlington VA

Carolyn Pape Cowan, University of California-Berkeley

Philip A. Cowan, University of California-Berkeley

Jon Cowans, Brooklyn NY

M. Richard Cramer, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Barbara and William Crawford, Hingham MA

Ruth Crystal, Baltimore MD

Elyse Crystall, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Helen Cullery, New York NY

Herman Z. Cummins, City College of New York, CUNY

Marsha Z. Cummins, Bronx Community College, CUNY

Osborn Curry, University of California-Berkeley (alumnus), Paris, France

Jane Cutler, San Francisco CA

Ray Daffner, Waterford VA

Carol Dahl, Colorado School of Mines

Maria Damon, University of Minnesota

Jed Dannenbaum, University of Southern California

Joel Dansky, Northampton, MA

Jennifer C. Daskal, Brooklyn NY

Mona Miriam Devanesan, M.D., West Palm Beach FL

Ann Davidson, Stanford CA

Leslie Dorfman Davis, Ann Arbor MI

Natalie Zemon Davis, Princeton University

Joan Dayan, University of Pennsylvania

Shulamit Decktor, Seattle WA

Roberta DeDoming, New York NY and Denman Island, BC (Canada)

Carol Delaney, Stanford University

Risa Denenberg, New York NY

Matthew Dennis, University of Oregon

Priscilla Ter DePuy, Volcano HI

Rosalyn Deutsche, Barnard College

David Diamond, Urbana IL

Elin Diamond, Rutgers University

Norma Diamond, University of Michigan

Judy Diamondstone, Highland Park NJ

Michael Diener, Highland Park NJ

Muriel Dimen, New York University

Galya Diment, University of Washington

Susan Gilwood Dineen, Somerset NJ

Juana Celia Djelal, Pennsylvania State University

Erica Doctorow, Adelphi University (emerita)

Rudi Dorenbeck-Werth, London (UK)

J. Robert Dorfman, University of Maryland

David Dorinson, North Fork CA

Michael A. Dover, University of Michigan

Mark Dow, Brooklyn NY

Douglas Dowd, University of Modena (Italy)

Joy Dryfoos and George Dryfoos, Hastings-on-Hudson NY

Ellen Carol DuBois, University of California-Los Angeles

Carol Duncan, Ramapo College of New Jersey

Bonnie B. and Kermit G. Dwork, Forest Hills NY

Fredi Dworkin, Boston MA

Elana Dykewomon, Oakland CA

Frederick Eberstadt, Cognitive Therapy Center, New York NY

Isabel Nash Eberstadt, New York NY

Diane Edell, Avon CT

Shimon Edelman, Cornell University

Stefan Edlis, Chiacgo IL and Aspen CO

John Ehrenberg, Long Island University

Gertrude Ehrlich, University of Maryland-College Park (emerita)

Rabbi Susan L. Einbinder, Hebrew Union College

Carolyn Eisenberg, Hofstra University

Martin Eisenberg, College of Staten Island, CUNY

David Eisenstadt, Fairfax VA

Alfred Eisenstadter, New York NY

Hester Eisenstein, Queens College and the Graduate Center, CUNY

Jethro Eisenstein, New York NY

Zillah Eisenstein, Ithaca College

Norman Eisner, New York NY

Richard Eisner, Merion PA

Margaret J. Ekno, San Francisco CA

Carolyn Ellis, University of South Florida

Hildy Ellis, University of Maine

Lise Ellner, Vashon Island WA

Azi Ellowitch, Lehman College Adult Learning Center

Margot Ely, New York NY

Barbara Alpern Engel, University of Colorado

Marvin Engel, Rockville MD

Nora Engel, Rockville MD

Andy Epstein, Cambridge (MA) Health Alliance

Barbara Epstein, University of California-Santa Cruz

Paul Epstein, Harvard Medical School

Robert W. Epstein, Fairfield University

Steven Epstein, University of California-San Diego

Joan Epro, Franklin Pierce College

Jeff Epton, Chicago IL

Harley Erdman, University of Massachusetts-Amherst

Anne Erreich, New York University

Kim Erslev, Shelburne Falls MA

Aaron H. Esman, Cornell University Medical College

Talya Escogido, Philadelphia PA

Gidon Eshel, University of Chicago

Milton J. Esman, Cornell University

Donald S. Faber, Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University

Susan S. Fainstein, Rutgers University

Paul Fallen, Scripps Research Institute

Seth Farber, New York NY

Arthur Fawcett, Washington DC

Paul Feder, M.D., Atherton CA

Alan Feigenberg, City College of New York

Susan Fein, Brooklyn NY

Harriet Feinberg, Cambridge MA

Kevin Feinberg, Brooklyn NY

Rabbi Michael E. Feinberg, Greater New York Labor-Religion Coalition

Lisa Feiner, New York NY

Susan Feiner, University of Southern Maine

Ilene Feinman, California State University-Monterey Bay

Leo Feinstein, Shrewsbury MA

Alexander Feld, Sydney, Australia

Hayyim Feldman, Somerville MA

Jan Feldman, Cupertino CA

Rick Feldman, Local 900 UAW, Huntington Woods MI

Shelley Feldman, Cornell University

Tracy S. Feldman, Duke University

David Felix, Washington University (emeritus)

Nancy Felton, Northampton, MA

Donald M. Ferencz, White Plains NY

Laraine Fergenson, Bronx Community College, CUNY

Judith Ferster, North Carolina State University

Alice Fichandler, San Diego CA

Elizabeth Rappaport Fife, Merion Station PA

David Fine, California State University-Long Beach

Dick Fine, M.D., San Francisco General Hospital, UCSF

Melinda Fine, New York University

Michelle Fine, CUNY Graduate Center

Shirley Fingerhood, New York NY

Hannah Fink, The College of New Jersey

Anne Finkelstein, Fashion Institute of Technology

Todd Finlay, Castro Valley CA

Robert Finn, Stanford University (emeritus)

Chera M. Finnis, New York NY

Pnina Firestone, Jerusalem, Israel

Rabbi Frank A. Fischer, Chapel Hill NC

Patricia Z. Fischer, Chapel Hill NC

Sylvia Fischer, Chicago IL

William M. Fish, North Potomac MD

Saul Fisher, Huntingdon Valley PA

Ellen M. Fishman, Brooklyn NY

Robert Fishman, University of Notre Dame

Miriam Hartman Flacks, University of California-Santa Barbara

Richard Flacks, University of California-Santa Barbara

Rochelle Flanders, New York NY

Martin Flashman, Humboldt State University (CA)

Sherry Flashman, Boston MA

Stephen E. Fleischman, Los Angeles CA

Ellen Fletcher, Palo Alto CA

Terry Fletcher, Berkeley CA

Barbara Flicker, Beverly Hills CA

Adam Flint, Hartwick College

Laura Foner, Jamaica Plain MA

Richard Fontenrose, Centreville VA

Beverly Forrest, Ridgewood NJ

Harold Forrest, Ridgewood NJ

Bruce D. Fowler, Benton, ME

Velia M. Fowler, The Scripps Research Institute

Carol Fox, Somers NY

Danny Fox, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Jonathan Fox, University of California-Santa Cruz

Maurice S. Fox, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (retired)

Joseph Fracchia, University of Oregon

Rena Fraden, Pomona College

Neil Fraistat, University of Maryland

Victor Franco, Brooklyn College

Gelya Frank, University of Southern California

Judith Frank, Amherst College

Lawrence Frank, University of Oklahoma (emeritus)

Miriam Frank, New York University

Myrna Frank, Highland Park NJ

Anita Frankel, Los Angeles CA

Fred R. Frankel, Philadelphia PA

Elliot Fratkin, Smith College

Jennifer Freedman, Houston TX

Burton M. Freeman, New York NY

Douglas Freeman, Newton MA

Margie Freeman, South Orange NJ

Mitch Freidlin, Brooklyn NY

Jane B. Freidson, Brooklyn NY

Donald Fried, New York NY

Annette and Julius Friedberg, Fair Lawn NJ

Jeff Frieden, Harvard University

Roger Friedland, University of California-Santa Barbara

Nicole Friedler, Edgartown MA

Alan Friedman, University of Texas

Ben-Ami Friedman

Florence Friedman, La Jolla JA

Lenore Friedman, Berkeley CA

Lisa Friedman, Glendale CA

Marilyn Friedman, Washington University in St. Louis

Neil and Lena Friedman, New York NY

Paula Friedman, Fort Lee NJ

Peter G. Friedman, California Institute of Technology

Sara Ann Friedman, Brooklyn NY

Susan Stanford Friedman, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Elinor Fuchs, Yale University

Nanette Funk, City University of New York

Marilyn Jacobs Furey, New York NY

Allen L. Furfine, St. Louis MO

Frank Furstenberg, University of Pennsylvania

Aviva Futorian, Chicago IL

Peter Gacs, Boston University

Rhea Gaisner, New York NY

Andrew Galinsky, City-As-School, New York NY

William Galperin, Rutgers University

Joshua Gamson, University of San Francisco

William A. Gamson, Boston College

Zelda F. Gamson, University of Massachusetts-Boston

Srilata Gangulee, University of Pennsylvania

Elisabeth M. M. Gardiner, San Diego CA

Judith Kegan Gardiner, University of Illinois-Chicago

Susanna Garfein, The Johns Hopkins University

Reuben Garner, SUNY-Empire State College

Sheldon Garon, Princeton University

Bob Garvin

Nick Gascoigne, San Diego CA

Emily Gasoi, Cambridge MA

Serge Gavronsky, Barnard College

Jonah B. Gelbach, University of Maryland and University of California-Berkeley

Robert A. Gelbach, Southern Connecticut State University

Annette Geldzahler, Brookline MA

Tamar Szabo Gendler, Syracuse University

Jeff Gershoff, Topanga CA

Judith Gerson, Rutgers University

Mordicai Gerstein, Northampton MA

Frances Geteles, New York NY

Marvin Gettleman, Brooklyn Polytechnic University (emeritus)

Roy Getzel, New York NY

Deborah Gewertz, Amherst College

Liz Gewirtz, New York NY

Tabitha D. Gewirtz, Kingston NY

Judith Ghinger, Brooklyn NY

S. George Gianis, New York NY

David N. Gibbs, University of Arizona

Ira Gilbert, Carlisle MA

Ken Giles, Jewish Peace Fellowship, Washington DC

Gerald Gillerman, Cambridge MA

John G. Gilman, Bronx NY

Deborah Gilwood, Amherst MA

Faye Ginsburg, New York University

Michal P. Ginsburg, Northwestern University

Sherry Glaser, Peace Activist Revolutionary Theater

David Glass, Salt Lake City UT

Jonathon Glassman, Northwestern University

Susan A. Glenn, University of Washington

Joseph Glick, CUNY Graduate Center

Mark Glickman, San Francisco CA

Rose Glickman, Berkeley CA

Sam Glucksberg, Princeton University

Irwin Glusker, New York NY

Lilyan Glusker, New York NY

Jill Godmilow, University of Notre Dame

Ann Goerdt, New York NY

Carl Gold, Los Angeles CA

Ed Gold, New York NY

Tami Gold, Hunter College

Abraham Goldbaum, New York NY

Etta Goldbaum, New York NY

Laura Goldbaum, San Francisco CA

Aaron Goldberg, Brooklyn NY

Adele Goldberg, University of Illinois

David Goldberg, New York NY

Ellen Goldberg, New York NY

Ellis Goldberg, University of Washington

Janet Goldberg, Redondo Beach CA

Julie Goldberg, University of Washington

Lynn C. Goldberg, New York NY

Richard M. Goldberg, M.D., Redondo Beach CA

Miriam A. Golden, University of California-Los Angeles

Peter B. Golden, Rutgers University

Sylvia Golden, Alpine NJ

Jeffrey C. Goldfarb, New School for Social Research

Howard Goldfine, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

Walter L. Goldfrank, University of California-Santa Cruz

Deborah Goldhaft, Vashon WA

Gary Goldin, New York NY

Gary Goldman, Los Angeles CA

Irwin J. Goldman, New York NY

Michael Goldman, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Michal Goldman, Filmmakers Collaborative, Boston MA

Sanford M. Goldman, St. Petersburg FL

Adam Goldsmith, Boston MA

Gary R. Goldstein, Tufts University

Henry (Hank) Goldstein, New York NY

Judith Goldston, New York NY

Judith Goleman, University of Massachusetts-Boston

Steve Golin, Bloomfield College

Mike Goltz, University of Maine

Sascha L. Goluboff, Washington and Lee University

Melissa Gomes-Blunkall, Shasta College, Redding CA

Rhoda Good, New York NY

Sol H. Goodgal, Univesity of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

Herbert P. Goodheart, M.D., New York NY

Karen Goodheart, New York NY

Bryna Goodman, University of Oregon

Danielle Goodman, Miami FL

Jacob Eli Goodman, City College, CUNY

Jessica Goodman, Santa Cruz CA

David J. Gordon, City University of New York

Deborah R. Gordon, University of California-San Francisco

Gene Gordon, San Rafael CA

Harley Gordon, M.D., Brooklyn NY

Jesse E. Gordon, Jewish Cultural Society

Leonard A. Gordon, Brooklyn College, CUNY

Linda Gordon, New York University

Neil Gordon, The Boston Review

Peter E. Gordon, Harvard University

Sheila Gordon, Brooklyn NY

Virginia Gordon, La Jolla CA

Molly Gordy, New York NY

Samuel Gorovitz, Syracuse University and SUNY Upstate Medical University

Barbara Gortikov, Los Angeles CA

Stanley Gortikov, Los Angeles CA

Albert Gottesman, New York NY

Celia Gottesman, Gainesville FL

Linda Gottesman, Filmmakers Library, New York NY

Lorna Gottesman, New York NY

Shimon S. Gottschalk, Florida State University

Jane S. Gould, New York NY

Robert M. Gould, M.D., Berkeley CA

Yerah Gover, Queens College, CUNY

Alexander Grab, University of Maine

Ilene Grabel, Denver CO

Mark A. Graber, University of Maryland

E.J. Graff, Brandeis Women's Studies Research Center

Gerald Graff, University of Illinois at Chicago

Anthony Grafton, Princeton University

Jonathan Graubart, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Gerald Allen Green, Los Angeles CA

Judy Green, Marymount University, Arlington VA

Laura Green, Northeastern University

Paul Green, University of Maryland-College Park

Richard Green, Mendocino CA

Irving Greenbaum, Colorado Jews for a Just Peace

Jessica Greenbaum

Cheryl Greenberg, Trinity College

David Greenberg, New York University

Jessica S. Greenberg, New York City teacher

Jim Greenberg, San Francisco CA

Jonathan D. Greenberg, Stanford Law School

Ramon Greenberg, M.D., Harvard Medical School

Matthew Greene, New York NY

Gail Goodman Greenfield, Nashville TN

Julie Greenfield, Castro Valley CA

Peter Greenfield, Seattle WA

David L. Greenwood, Jersey City NJ

Marion Greenwood, New York NY

Wilfrid Grey, New Rochelle, NY

David Grinstein, B'Nai Or, Watertown MA

Daniel Grizer, Brooklyn NY

Mel Grizer, United Community Centers, Brooklyn NY

Charles G. Gross, Princeton University

Larry Gross, University of Pennsylvania

Lawrence Grossberg, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Robert N. Grosse, University of Michigan

Atina Grossmann, New York NY

Catherine Grossman, West Lafayette IN

Elmer R. Grossman, M.D., University of California-San Francisco (emeritus)

James Grossman, Chicago IL

Jonathan H. Grossman, University of California-Los Angeles

Edward Gruberg, Temple University

Erich S. Gruen, University of California-Berkeley

Tom Grunfeld, SUNY-Empire State College

David B. Grusky, Cornell University

Suzanne Guerlac, University of California-Berkeley

Margaret Morganroth Gullette, Brandeis University

Victor Gurewich, M.D., Harvard Medical School

Aron Gutman, Progressive Jewish Voice, Ithaca NY

Paul Guyer, University of Pennsylvania

Susan Haas, Teaneck NJ

Joseph Haberer, Purdue University

Miriam Habib, Highland Park NJ

Stanley Habib, City University of New York (emeritus)

Ronald I. Habin, Orlando FL

Marilyn Hacker, City College of New York

Bill Hagel, Woodside NY

Peter Haidu, University of California-Los Angeles

Victoria A. Haken, Brooklyn NY

Barbara J. Hall, Georgia State University

Peter M. Hall, University of Missouri (emeritus)

Sallie Hall, Miami FL

Judith Peller Hallett, University of Maryland-College Park

Louise Halper, Washington & Lee University School of Law

Ellen Halter, Ann Arbor MI

Jay Hamburger, Houston TX

Andras Hamori, Princeton NJ

Timothy Hampton, University of California-Berkeley

Avrom Handleman, St. Louis MO

Claiborne Handleman, St. Louis MO

Ivan Handler, Networking for Democracy

Jerome S. Handler, Virginia Foundation for the Humanities, Charlottesville VA

Sandy Handsher, College of Marin, Kentfield CA

Carol Hanna, Kailua HI

Caryn Harb, Los Angeles CA

Lauren Harb, Los Angeles CA

Merrill Harmin, White Plains NY

Sheldon Harnick, New York NY

Daniel Harris

Leah Harris, Arlington VA

Mimi Harris, Ann Arbor MI

Robert J. Harris, Ann Arbor MI

Susan Yard Harris, Northampton MA

Joann Harrison, New York NY

Joshua Harrison, New York NY

Nancy Harrow

Beatrice R. Hart, Tamarac FL

Ronald W. Hart, Tamarac FL

Erica Harth, Brandeis University

Louis A. Hartheimer, Hackensack NJ

Hershl Hartman, The Sholem Community, Los Angeles CA

Martin Harwayne, Walnut Creek CA

Susan Hason, New York NY

Elaine Hatfield, University of Hawaii

Emily Hauser, Oak Park IL

Margaret Haushalter, Youngstown OH

Alan Hausman, Hunter College, CUNY

Bernice Hecker, Austin TX

Emily F. Hedal, Ludlow VT

Stephen M. Hedrick, University of California-San Diego

Naomi Heindel, North Ferrisburgh VT

Myrna Heischuber, Maplewood NJ

Paul Heischuber, Maplewood NJ

Deborah Heller, York University

Stephen Hellman, York University

Elizabeth Helsinger, University of Chicago

Karen Henley, Boston University

Patrick Henry, Whitman College

Edward S. Herman, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Michelle Herman, Ohio State University

Valerie Herman, Westlake Village CA

Michael D. Hersh, Culver City CA

Reuben Hersh, Santa Fe NM

Henry Herskovitz, Interfaith Council for Peace and Justice, Ann Arbor MI

Deborah Hertz, Sarah Lawrence College

John H. Herz, Scarsdale NY

Susannah Heschel, Dartmouth College

Carla Hesse, University of California-Berkeley

Susan Heuman, City College of New York, CUNY

Arnold Hiatt, The Stride Rite Foundation, Boston MA

Mika Hilberman, Boulder CO

Iris Tillman Hill, Duke University

Rebecca Hill, Center for Worker Education, City College, CUNY

Roger G. Hill, Racine WI

Manny Hillman, Blue Point NY

S. Maxwell Hines, Hofstra University

Martin Hird, New York NY

Louis Hirsch, Chicago IL

Marianne Hirsch, Dartmouth College

Ken Hirschkop, University of Manchester (UK)

Patricia Browne Hirschl, Jewish Community of San Miguel Allende, Mexico

Jane R. Hirschmann, New York NY

Deborah Hoch, San Francisco CA

Riva Hocherman, New York NY

George Hochfield, SUNY-Buffalo (emeritus)

Marilyn A. Hochfield, Buffalo NY

Harry Hochstadt, Tyler Hill PA

Pearl R. Hochstadt, Tyler Hill PA

Harold Hodes, Cornell University

Linda Hodes, New York NY

Peter H. Hoffenberg, University of Hawaii

Charles Hoffman, Chicago IL

Deborah Hoffmann, Oakland CA

Inge Schneier Hoffmann, Harvard Medical School

Irwin Z. Hoffman, University of Illinois at Chicago

Susie Hoffman, Columbia University

Stanley Hoffmann, Harvard University

Desma Holcomb, New York NY

Madelon Holder, New York NY

David L. Hollander, University of Maryland-Baltimore County

Donna Krolik Hollenberg, University of Connecticut

Beatrice Holmes, Alexandria VA

Benjamin Holmes, New York University

Rabbi Margaret Holub, Mendocino CA

Richard Horn, Philadelphia PA

Norbert Hornstetin, University of Maryland-College Park

Roger Horowitz, Newark DE

Toby L. Horowitz, Brooklyn NY

Diane Horwitz, Chicago IL

Robert B. Horwitz, University of California-San Diego

Nancy Howard

Richard Huber, Hartford CT

Roberta Huber, Hartford CT

D. Dennis Hudson, Smith College

Inge Humbert, New York NY

Jonathan Hunt, San Francisco CA

Allen Hunter, New York University

Lila Hurwitz, Seattle WA

Elaine Hyams, Ithaca NY

Paul Hyams, Cornell University

Bernard Hyder

Irene Hyder

Phylis Hyder

Drs. Carl and Sharin Hyder

Mona Ido, Largo FL

Edith Isaac-Rose, New York NY

Joel Isaacson, University of Michigan (emeritus)

Ashley Iser, New York NY

Julian Adam Iser, Boston MA

Paul Israel, Rutgers University

Ilan Israeli, M.D., Plainview NY

Alfred Ivry, Skirball Dept. of Hebrew & Judaic Studies, New York University

Bruce Jackson, University at Buffalo

Harry Jackson, Port Angeles WA

Carey Jaffee, Ridgefield CT

Kenneth Jacobson, Annapolis MD

Russell Jacoby, University of California--Los Angeles

Abraham Jankowitz, M.D., Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Gregory Jay, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Robin Jeffries, Palo Alto CA

Carole Joffe, University of California-Davis

Vera John-Steiner, University of New Mexico

Adriana Johnson, University of California-Irvine

Denise Johnson, Miami FL

Linda Goldhaft Johnson, Longmont CO

Phil Johnson-Laird, Princeton University

Marcia Joondeph, Stamford-Greenwich Peace Action

David Jordan, University of Illinois at Chicago

Gerhard Joseph, CUNY Graduate Center

Philip Joseph, University of Colorado-Denver

Naiomi Joyrich, Farmington Hills MI

J. William and Frances B. Julian, Indianapolis IN

Leo Kadanoff, University of Chicago

Ruth Ditzian Kadanoff, M.D., Loyola University Chicago

Djelal Kadir, Penn State University

Claire Kahane, SUNY-Buffalo (emerita)

Clarence Kailin, Jews for Equal Justice, Madison WI

Caroline Kahn, New York NY

Coppelia Kahn, Brown University

Jonathon Kahn, Columbia University

Rachel Kahn-Hut, San Francisco State University (emerita)

Gabe Kaimowitz, Gainesville FL

David Kalfus, New York NY

William Kalms, Acton MA

Edward Kamens, New Haven CT

Barbara Kamholz, M.D., Ann Arbor MI

Leon Kamin, Northeastern University

Sarah Kaminker, Jerusalem Information Center

Herschel Kaminsky, Brooklyn NY

Natalie Boymel Kampen, Barnard College

Louis Kampf, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (emeritus)

Libby Kane, Sarah Lawrence College

Andrew S. Kanter, M.D., Chiacgo IL

Shauna Kanter, VOICETheatre, New York NY

Don Kanel, Madison WI

Amy Kaplan, Mount Holyoke College

Blanche Kaplan, Teaneck NJ

Caren Kaplan, University of California-Berkeley

David M. Kaplan, Polytechnic University, Brooklyn NY

Deborah Kaplan, George Mason University

Deborah L. Kaplan, Brooklyn, NY

Don Kaplan, New York NY

Eric W. Kaplan, M.D., Milwaukee WI

Esther Kaplan, New York NY

Esther A. Kaplan, Madison WI

Gitelle Kaplan, Queens NY

Jack Kaplan, Teaneck NJ

Marion S. Kaplan, New York NY

Nathan Kaplan, New York NY

Richard Kaplan, Richard Kaplan Productions, New York NY

Steven Kaplan, St. Paul MN

Temma Kaplan, Rutgers University

Maribeth Bunn Kaptchuk, Cambridge MA

Ted Kaptchuk, Cambridge MA

Dorota U. Karmazyn, Orlando FL

Ivan Karp, Emory University

Matthew B. Karush, George Mason University

Nina Kasdon, Highlands NJ

Philip Kasinitz, City University of New York

Sharryn Kasmir, Hofstra University

Anne Sharnoff Kasper, Bethesda MD

Barbara T. Kass, Brooklyn NY

Deborah Kass, New York NY

Judith N.M. Kass

Nancy Kass, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health

Cheryl G. Kasson, Denver CO

David Scott Kastan, Columbia University

Ruth Kastner, University of Maryland

Jane Katch, East Woodstock CT

Jed Katch, East Woodstock CT

Barry Katz, California College of Arts and Crafts and Stanford University

Cindi Katz

Drew Katz, Cherry Hill NJ

Eliot Katz, New York NY

Elliot Katz, Holmdel NJ

Joanne Katz, Johns Hopkins University

Joseph Katz, David CA

Richard F. Katz, Columbia University

Tamar Katz, Brown University

William Loren Katz, New York University

Mary Fainsod Katzenstein, Cornell University

Judith S. Kaufman, Hofstra University

Robert Kaufman, Stanford University

Dorothy Kaufmann, Clark University

Lilly and John Kautsky, St. Louis MO

Lynne Kavin, Chicago IL

Alan S. Kay, Berkeley CA

Joel Kaye, Barnard College

Melanie Kaye/Kantrowitz, Queens College

Patrick Kaylor, Philadelphia PA

Michael Kazin, Georgetown University

William Keays, Brooklyn NY

Joan Keenan, Cambridge MA

Evelyn Fox Keller, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Stephen H. Kellert, Hamline University

Jo Keroes, San Francisco State University

Mark Kesselman, Columbia University

Ben Kessler, Perth Amboy NJ

Inge Kessler, Perth Amboy NJ

Alice Kessler-Harris, Columbia University

Alex Keyssar, Cambridge MA

Howard Kimeldorf, University of Michigan

Ronald Kinchla, Princeton University

Cathy Kindquist, Gunnison CO

Lawrence King, Yale University

Joan Stern Kiok, New York NY

Laura Kipnis, Northwestern University

Scott Kirsch, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

George and Ethel Kirschner, Fanwood NJ

David Klaiman, Jenkintown PA

Gloria Klaiman, Jenkintown PA

Joseph Klarmann, Washington University

Susan Kleckner, International Center of Photography

Cathy Klein, Ridgefield CT

David S. Klein, Seattle WA

Jeanna Belkin Klein, New York NY

Rachel Klein, University of California-San Diego

Richard Klein, Cornell University

Ian Kleinfeld, San Francisco CA

Jack Kligerman, Lehman College, CUNY

David Kliman, Sausalito CA

Gilbert Kliman, M.D., The Children's Psychological Health Center (San Francisco)

Jodie Kliman, Brookline MA

Joseph Kling, St. Lawrence University

Ralph Kloepping, Fairfax CA

Fred Knapp, Henderson NV

Myrna Knepler, Chicago IL

Laura Kogel, Women's Therapy Centre Institute

Sandra Kohler, Selinsgrove PA

Claudia Kohner, Los Angeles CA

Judith Kolokoff, Seattle WA

Irene Komor, Cornell University

Stanley Konecky, Hartwick College

Trudy Kontoff, Brit Tzedek v'Shalom, Boston MA

John S. Koppel, Bethesda MD

Barbara Korman, New York NY

Edward C. Kornbluh, Schodack Landing NY

Kenneth Kotovsky, Carnegie Mellon University

Laura Koulish, New York NY

Steven Koulish, New York NY

Lena Kovid, Portland OR

Leo Kraft, Queens College, CUNY

Dorothee Einstein Krahn, Silver Spring MD

Bud Kramer, Hilliard OH

Dan A. Kramer, Dublin OH

Helene H. Kramer, Buffalo NY

Lee A. Kramer, Columbus OH

Laura Kramer, Montclair NJ

Miriam Kramer, New York NY

Isaac Kramnick, Cornell University

Jonathan Brody Kramnick, Rutgers University

Eleanor Krasnow, Oakland CA

Randi Krasnow, Palo Alto CA

Jon Kraus, SUNY-Fredonia

Natasha Kraus, University at Buffalo-SUNY

David Krawitz, Brookline MA

Bea Kreloff, Art Workshop International

Joel Krieger, Wellesley College

Nancy Krieger, Harvard School of Public Health

Jan Krukowski

Arnold Krupat, Sarah Lawrence College

Kitty Krupat, New York University

Laura Kurgan, Princeton University

Jack Kurzweil, San Jose State University

Elisabeth Kushner, Seattle WA

Robert Kushner, East Meadow NY

Ronald Kushner, New York NY

Christopher Kutz, University of California-Berkeley

Myer Kutz, Albany NY

Peter Kwass, Boston MA

Jay Ladin, Reed College

David Laibman, City University of New York

Diane Laison, Temple University

Gary Laison, St. Joseph's University

Joan Lancourt, Boston MA

Robert S. Landauer, Jr. and Janice M. Landauer, Sarasota FL

Alison Landsberg, George Mason University

Henry A. Landsberger, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill (retired)

Alice Landsman, Brattleboro VT

Avis Lang, New York NY

Berel Lang, Trinity College

Maxine H. Lange, Evanston IL

Robert Lapides, Borough of Manhattan Community College, CUNY

Thomas W. Laqueur, University of California-Berkeley

Stephanie Larro, Los Angeles CA

Larry Lasher, University of Maryland-Baltimore County

Joyce Lashof, University of California-Berkeley (emerita)

Richard Lashof, University of Chicago (emeritus)

Thomas Laskawy, Flourtown PA

Elliott C. Lasser, M.D., La Jolla CA

Emily R. Lattimore, Baltimore MD

Bertram J. Latzer, Mount Tabor NJ

Paul Lauter, Trinity College

David E. Lavin, City University of New York

Marguerite Lavin, New York NY

David G. Lawrence, Fordham University

Steven F. Lawson, Rutgers University

Naomi Lazard, East Hampton NY

Sarah Lazin, New York NY

Rudolph Lea, Elkins Park PA

Martha Weinman Lear, New York NY

Fran Leavitt and J.J. Leavitt, Stamford CT

Steven Leber, Ann Arbor MI

Phoebe S. Leboy, University of Pennsylvania

Joshua Lederman, Tucson AZ

James Marc Leas, Vermonters for a Just Peace in Palestine/Israel

Adam Lee, United Steelworkers of America

Cavin P. Leeman, SUNY Downstate Medical Center

Jennifer Leeman, George Mason University

Hyam Lerner Leffert, M.D., University of California-San Diego

Sybil Lefferts, Setauket NY

Bonnie Lefkowitz, Bethesda MD

Sheila Shulman Le Gacy, Syracuse NY

Laurie R. Lehman, Long Island University

Yvette K. Lehman, Berkeley CA

Claudia Leight, Baltimore MD

Anne Leiner, Women's Therapy Centre Institute

Marvin Leiner, Queens College, CUNY

Theodore Leinwand, University of Maryland-College Park

David Lelyveld, William Paterson University

Jesse Lemisch, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY (emeritus)

Carol Lems-Dworkin, Evanston IL

Howard B. Lenow, Wayland MA

Jackie Leonard, Kew Gardens NY

Judy Lerner, International Committee of Peace Action

Lea Lerner, Princeton NJ

Marc Lerner, Columbia University

Rabbi Michael Lerner, Tikkun Community

Howard Lesnick, University of Pennsylvania Law School

Arnold F. Lessard, Newburyport MA

Michael C. Lesser, Sherborn MA

Zachary Lesser, University of Illinois

Rebecca Lesses, Ithaca College

Judith Lessow-Hurley and Michael Hurley, San Jose CA

Suzanne Leta, University of Pennsylvania

Dan Letwin, Pennsylvania State University

Leon Letwin, UCLA School of Law (emeritus)

Daniel S. Lev, University of Washington (retired)

Cathy Levenson, Florida State University

David Levenson, Florida State University

David E. Leventhal, St. Louis MO

David Leverenz, University of Florida

Paul Levi, Westport CT

Betty Wolder Levin, Brooklyn College

Karen Levin, Lake Sumter Community College, Maitland FL

Rabbi Leonard S. Levin, Rutgers University

Rebekah Levin, Center for Impact Research

Robert Levin, Pittsburgh PA

Stephanie A. Levin, Hampshire College

Andrew Levine, University of Wisconsin-Madison

David I. Levine, University of California-Berkeley

Denya LeVine, Barnstable MA

Ellen Levine, New York NY

George Levine, Rutgers University

Harry D. Levine, Chicago IL

Jerry Levine, Franklin Pierce College

Lawrence W. Levine, George Mason University

Rae Levine, Inverness CA

Rhonda F. Levine, Colgate University

Robert Levine, University of Maryland-College Park

Hal Levinsohn

Henry Samuel Levinson, University of North Carolina-Greensboro

Jenny Levison, Portland OR

Ruth W. Levitan

David A. Levitsky, Cornell University

Bruce Levitt, Cornell University

Dennis Levitt, Los Angeles CA

David W. Levy, University of Oklahoma

James Levy, Brooklyn NY

Janet M. Levy, New York NY

Marilyn Levy, Santa Monica CA

Miryam Levy, Silver Spring MD

Richard A. Levy, New York NY

Shirley Levy, Boston MA

Beth Lewis, University of Pennsylvania

Myra Leysorek, Philadelphia PA

Jacques Lezra, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Laura Liben, Brit Tzedek V'Shalom

Ran Libeskind-Hadas, Harvey Mudd College

Arnold H. Libner, Fairfield CT

Jeffrey S. Librett, Loyola University Chicago

Allan Lichtenstein, New Brunswick NJ

Charlotte Lichterman, Berkeley CA

Martin Lichterman, Berkeley CA

Arnold Lieber, M.D., New York NY

Katherine Lieber, Brooklyn NY

Adrienne B. Lieberman, Evanston IL

Lisa Lieberman, Dickinson College

James S. Liebman, Columbia Law School

Dora Lievow, Camden ME

Miriam Behar Lightworker

Peter Lindenfeld, Rutgers University

Lore Lindenfeld, Princeton NJ

Robin Lindheimer, San Francisco CA

Susie Linfield, New York University

John P. Linstroth, West Palm Beach FL

Dianne Lior, Highland Park NY

Iris Lipner, Brooklyn NY

Alan J. Lipowitz, University of Minnesota

Abby Lippman, McGill University

Peter Lippman, Seattle WA

Sandee Lippman, Baltimore MD

Daniel Lipson, University of Wisconsin

Bela Liptak, Stamford CT

Sara Lipton, State University of New York-Stony Brook

Susan Liroff, Oakland CA

Ira Liss, Denver CO

Julia E. Liss, Scripps College

Jeffrey Littenberg, Boston MA

James Livingston, Rutgers University

Martha Livingston, SUNY-Old Westbury

Alexander Lobkovsky, Northeastern University

Zachary Lockman, New York University

Jonathan Loesberg, American University

David Loewenstein, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Erich H. Loewy, University of California-Davis

Maria Louise Lofchie, Women's International League for Peace and Freedom

Sylvere Lotringer, Columbia University

Rabbi Alan H. Lovins, New Haven CT

Ethan and Margo Lowenstein

Laura Lubetsky, Newton MA

Lewis Lubka, Fargo ND

Judith Lubman, Berkeley CA

Stanley Lubman, University of California-Berkeley

Sandra Rudnick Luft, San Francisco State University

Gordon A. Lurie, Fort Worth TX

Sue Gena Lurie, University of North Texas Health Science Center

Ron Lussier, Sausalito CA

Linda Lustig, Berkeley CA

Steve Lustig, Berkeley CA

Barbara Lynch, Cornell University

Julia Lynch, University of Pennsylvania

Michael Lynch, Cornell University

Deborah Lyons, Johns Hopkins University

Paul Lyons, Richard Stockton College of New Jersey

Shaul Magid, Jewish Theological Seminary of America

Lili Maglione, Huntington NY

Jerry Mahrer, New York NY

Lisa Maisels, Cambridge MA

Sylvia Maizell, New York NY

Helen Gabriel Major

Jack J. Malenka, Howard Beach NY

Rabbi Jonathan W. Malino, Guilford College

Edith Malkin, New York NY

Lawrence Malkin, New York NY

Victoria Malkin

Karen Malpede, Brooklyn NY

Stuart Maltin, New York Institute of Technology

Mark Mancall, Stanford University

Alan Mandel, M.D., Rhinebeck NY

Barbara Mann, Princeton University

Carol Mann, New York NY

Michael Mantell, Los Angeles CA

Karuna Mantena, Harvard University

Sue Marantz, New York NY

Shoshana Marchand, Northampton MA

Jane Marcus, City College and the CUNY Graduate Center

Jed Marcus

Michael Marcus, City College and the CUNY Graduate Center

Naomi Marcus, Riverdale NY

Peter Marcuse, Columbia University

Alfred L. Marder, U.S. Peace Council

Eliezer T. Margolis

Jo Margolis, Harrisburg PA

Maxine L. Margolis, University of Florida-Gainesville

Elizabeth Mark, Brandeis University

John Markoff, University of Pittsburgh

Anne K. Markowitz, New York NY

Lisa Markowitz, University of Louisville

Norman Markowitz, Rutgers University

Ruth Markowitz-Heifetz, M.D., University of California-San Diego

Sally Markowitz, Willamette University

Stan Markowitz, Baltimore MD

Arthur S. Marks, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Wally and Suzanne Marks, Los Angeles CA

Carol Marsh, Brooklyn NY

Hubert Marshall, Stanford University (emeritus)

Rachelle Marshall, Stanford CA

Elizabeth Martialay, London (UK)

Judy Martialay, Sea Cliff NJ

Daniel R. Martin, Hartsdale NY

Laura Martin, Arizona Science Center

Susan M. Martin, New York NY

Dawn Belkin Martinez, Harvard Medical School

Anthony Martori, Paradise Valley AZ

Elizabeth Wirth Marvick, Los Angeles CA

Jonathan Marx, Nashville TN

Julie Marx, Baltimore MD

Brett Masters, Charlotte MI

Roger D. Masters, Dartmouth College

Steffi Masur, Evanston IL

James R. Mathes, Rhinebeck NY

Pam Coates Mathews, Denver CO

Helen Matlin, Woodbury NY

Diane Matza, Utica College

Joan M. May, Nyack NY

Richard May, Nyack NY

Doe Mayer, University of Southern California

M. Mayer, New York NY

Harry Mays, Merced CA

Adrienne McCormick, SUNY-Fredonia

Janet L. McDonald, Pace University

Jeanette McVicker, SUNY-Fredonia

Quinn Mecham, Stanford University

Melvin Mednick, Walnut Creek CA

David Mednicoff, University of Massachusetts-Amherst

Deborah Willen Meier

Leonard Meiselman, Port Washington NY

Jodi Melamed, Columbia University

Seymour Melman, Columbia University

Jeff Melnick, Babson College

Janet Mendelsohn, Watertown MA

Michael Meranze, University of California-San Diego

Dorothy M. Mermin, Cornell University

N. David Mermin, Cornell University

Roy Merrens, Toronto, Canada

Debra Merskin, University of Oregon

Marc Merson, Sherman Oaks CA

Nina Merson, Sherman Oaks CA

Gayle Mertz, Boulder CO

Eli C. Messinger, M.D., New York NY

Evelyn Messinger, San Rafael CA

Suzanne Messinger, Willingboro NJ

Constance Meyer, Beverly Hills CA

Ilan H. Meyer, Columbia University

Rebecca L. Meyer, Jamestown CO

Alan Meyers, Boston University

Rachel Meyers, Brooklyn NY

Ann Meyerson, New York NY

Gregory Meyerson, North Carolina State University

Marc S. Micale, Orlando FL

Ellen Michelman, Lexington MA

Frank Michelman, Lexington MA

James and Joan Mickle, Kentfield CA

Ruth Milkman, University of California-Los Angeles

Christopher S. Miller, Savannah GA

Gerry Miller, Chicago IL

Joanne Miller, Brookline MA

Joshua L. Miller, Columbia University

Lynne Miller, University of Southern Maine

Mark Crispin Miller, New York University

Nancy K. Miller, CUNY Graduate Center

Naomi Miller, Sussex County Community College

Norman Miller, Brookline MA

Richard W. Miller, Cornell University

Daniel Millstone, Bronx NY

Debra Minkoff, University of Washington

Kathy Miriam, University of New Hampshire

Ruth Misheloff, Borough of Manhattan Community College, CUNY

Joya Misra, University of Massachusetts-Amherst

Isaac Mitre, Indiana University

Carl W. Mize, Iowa State University

Edward S. Mocarski, Jr., Stanford University School of Medicine

Gabriella Modan, Ohio State University

John Modell, Brown University

Helene Moglen, University of California-Santa Cruz

Seth Moglen, Lehigh University

Harvey Molotch, New York University and University of California-Santa Barbara

Alyssa Moncharsh, Los Angeles CA

Jacqueline B. Mondros, Barry University

Joan A. Monheit, Berkeley CA

Regina Morantz-Sanchez, University of Michigan

Penelope Morel, M.D., Pittsburgh PA

Peter Mosbacher, Chappaqua NY

Elizabeth K. Moser, Baltimore MD

Claire G. Moses, University of Maryland

Bob Moshiri, Boston MA

Laurel Moss, Mendocino CA

Wendy Most, New York NY

Harry and Laura Movchine, Delray Beach FL

Eric Muehlbauer, Rego Park NY

Katharine Flanders Mukherji, Brooklyn NY

Nina Mukherji, Carleton College

James I. Mullins, Delray Beach FL

Leah Mundell, Philadelphia PA

Adrienne Munich, SUNY-Stony Brook

Bennett Muraskin, Jewish Cultural School and Society (NJ)

Harriet Murav, University of California-Davis

Tom Murdock, Winchester MA

Stacy M. Murphy, Brooklyn NY

Charles and Doris Muscatine, Berkeley CA

William Mutterperl, Boston MA

Stephen J. and Susan Mydanick, Boca Raton FL

David N. Myers, University of California-Los Angeles

Deborah Myers, Culver City CA

Fred Myers, New York University

Alan Myerson, Santa Monica CA

Laura Myerson, Cortlandt Manor NY

Michael Myerson, Cortlandt Manor NY

Judy W. Nadel, San Francisco CA

Jane Nadel-Klein, Trinity College

Jerome Nadelhaft, University of Maine

Ruth Nadelhaft, University of Maine

Gregory Nagy, Harvard University

Lee Naiman, New York NY

Mark Naison, Fordham University

Sheila Namir, University of California-Los Angeles

Rosa Naparstek, New York NY

Carol N. Nathan, Kensington CA

Leonard Nathan, University of California-Berkeley

Neal Nathanson, University of Pennsylvania

Vincent Navarro, New York NY

Judith Neaman, Yeshiva University

Alan Needleman, Brown University

Wanda S. Needleman, M.D., Brown University

Patricia Negreros-Castillo, Iowa State University

Jason Neidleman, University of La Verne

Marilyn Kleinberg Neimark, Baruch College, CUNY

Amanda Nelson, Washington DC

Cary Nelson, University of Illinois

Malcolm A. Nelson, SUNY-Fredonia

Bob Nesson, Boston MA

Nicholas A. Neuhaus, Howard Beach NY

John J. Neumaier, Poughkeepsie NY

Robert Neuer, New York NY

Marcia Newfield, Borough of Manhattan Community College, CUNY

Beth Newman, Southern Methodist University

Joel Newman, Columbia University

Katherine Newman, Harvard University

Linda J. Nicholson, Washington University in St. Louis

Jon Nissenbaum, Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary

Stephen Nissenbaum, University of Massachusetts-Amherst

Bob Norman, Night Owl Productions, Lawrenceville NJ

Bonnie Thompson Norman, Seattle WA

Judith Norman, Trinity University

Nicole Nourmand, Chicago IL

Julie Novkov, University of Oregon

Martha Nussbaum, University of Chicago

Adina Obler, New York NY

Suzanne Oboler, University of Illinois-Chicago

Sarnell Ogus, East Hampton NY

Tema Okun, ChangeWork

Victoria Olds, New York NY

Katherine Olesker, New York NY

Wendy Olesker, New York CNY

Gregory Olinyk, ASimplePeace

Sarah Olmstead, University of Minnesota

Ken Opin, Madison WI

Martin Oppenheimer, Rutgers University

Nancy Ordover, Queens College, CUNY

Ellen Orlofsky, Redway CA

Susan Orlofsky, San Diego CA

Sherry B. Ortner, Columbia University

Miles Orvell, Temple University

Gerald M. Oscar

David Ost, Hobart & William Smith Colleges

Michal Osterweil, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Robin Ostow, University of Toronto

Alicia Ostriker, Rutgers University

Suzanne Ostro, New York NY

Carol Wasserman Pampaloni, New York NY

Esther Parada, University of Illinois at Chicago

Morton N. Pardes

Gary Pardo, Great Neck NY

Andrew Parker, Amherst College

Tom Parrett, New York NY

Nina Parris, Burlington VT

Susan B. Parsons, DePauw University

Frank J. Pascale, Sun Lakes AZ

Sean Pattap, Ho-Ho-Kus NJ

Diane Paul, University of Massachusetts-Boston

Alan M. Pearson, Citizens for Participation in Political Action (CPPAX), Somerville MA

Kathy Staver Pearson, Chicago IL

Ted Pearson, Chicago IL

Vida S. Pelletier, Cortlandt Manor NY

J. Paul Pemsler, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Joann Isberg Pensabene, Monsey NY

Alison Hope Pepper, New York NY

Bob Perelman, University of Pennsylvania

Leslie C. Perelman, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Robert Perlman, University of Chicago

Ruth Perry, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Rosalind Petchesky, Hunter College, CUNY

Carla Petievich, Montclair State University (NJ)

Mary Ellen Petrisko, Annapolis MD

Nancy Phillips, Albuquerque NM

Judith Philpot, Chapel Hill NC

Marc Pilisuk, Saybrook Graduate School and University of California

Marsha Pilz, Southwest Harbor ME

Michael Pilz, Southwest Harbor ME

Martha Pincas, New York NY

Adela Pinch, University of Michigan

Fred L. Pincus, University of Maryland-Baltimore County

Cecile Pineda, Oakland CA

Diane Pineiro-Zucker, Vassar College

Joan Pinkham, Amherst MA

Frances Fox Piven, CUNY Graduate Center

Elliot Podwill, Borough of Manhattan Community College, CUNY

Erica G. Polakoff, Bloomfield College, NJ

Lynn Pollack, Evanston IL

William Pollak, University of Chicago (emeritus)

Katha Pollitt, New York NY

Robert Pollock, Bridgeport CT

Judy Polumbaum, University of Iowa

Nyna Brael Polumbaum, Cambridge MA

Murray Polner, Jewish Peace Fellowship

Charlotte Pomerantz, New York NY

Richard Ponn, Lawrenceville GA

Daniel Pope, Eugene OR

Allen Porter, Evanston IL

Roger J. Porter, Reed College

Miriam Poser, New York NY

Betty Potash, New York NY

Donald Press, New York NY

Eyal Press, New York NY

Nancy Press, Oregon Health and Science University

Richard S. Pressman, St. Mary's University, San Antonio

Joel and Karen Price, Fairfield IA

Jed Proujansky, Northfield MA

Doris Marie Provine, Arizona State University

Hilary Putnam, Harvard University

Ruth Anna Putnam, Wellesley College

Harriet Putterman, National Association of Social Workers, NYC Chapter

Dana Rabin, Indiana State University

Jesse C. Rabinowitz, University of California-Berkeley

Paula Rabinowitz, University of Minnesota

Norman Rabkin, University of California-Berkeley (emeritus)

Diane M. Rabson, Boulder CO

Elaine Racine, San Diego CA

Phyllis Rackin, University of Pennsylvania

Margaret Jane Radin, Stanford University

Yvonne Rainer, New York NY

Ruth Rainero, San Francisco CA

Janet H. Randall, Northeastern University

Richard L. Rapson, University of Hawaii

David I. Ratner, Amherst College

Stanley Ratner, Mendham NJ

Dan Raviv, New York NY

Mark Reader, Arizona State University (emeritus)

Stephanie Reader, Palo Alto CA

Ronald A. Rebholz, Stanford University

Wayne A. Rebhorn, University of Texas

Lynne M. Reder, Carnegie-Mellon University

Melvin Reder, University of Chicago (emeritus)

Deborah Frankel Reese, South Strafford VT

Katherine Regan, Philadelphia PA

Andrew Rehfeld, Washington University in St. Louis

Lee and Peter Reich

Ken Reichstein, Sanbornton NH

Jeffrey Reiman, American Univerity

Ariel Reinheimer, Brooklyn NY

Ellin Reisner, Brandeis University

Timothy Reiss, New York University

Raymond Reiter, University of Toronto

Albert Resis, Northern Illinois University (emeritus)

Bernard J. Ressner, Edison NJ

Philip Ressner

Frank Rettenberg, San Rafael CA

Carter Revard, St. Louis MO

Susan Reverby, Wellesley College

Jesse Ribot, World Resources Institute

Marc Ribot, New York NY

Jaime Richman, George Mason University

Maggie Monroe Richter, Union Theological Seminary

Joan Eldridge Ridell, Buffalo Grove IL

Joshua Rifkin

Nina Rifkind, New York NY

Peter Riga

Monica Ringer, Bethesda MD

Jill Rips, San Antonio TX

Carl Riskin, Queens College and Columbia University

Michele Rivkin-Fish, University of Kentucky

Susan Rivo, Arlington MA

Lani Roberts, Corvallis OR

Moss Roberts, New York University

Corey Robin, Brooklyn College, CUNY

Diana Robin, University of New Mexico (emerita)

Mike Robinson, New York NY

Bruce Robbins, Columbia University

Edward Robbins, Harvard University

Sydell Goldfarb Rochman, Sun Lakes AZ

Len Rodberg, Queens College

Marcia Rodd, Studio City CA

James Rodgers, Wilmington VT

Alfredo Rodriguez, Westlake Village CA

Lisa Rofel, University of California-Santa Cruz

Peter Rogatz, Roslyn Heights NY

Charles E. Rogler, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Zack Rogow, University of California-Berkeley

Fritz Rohrlich, Syracuse University

Anne Roiphe, New York NY

Herman Roiphe, M.D., New York NY

Rachel Rokach, Jerusalem, Israel

Arno Roland, Leonia NJ

Scott Roos, Glenview IL

Adam Rose, Chicago IL

Mary Beth Rose, University of Illinois at Chicago

Peter I. Rose, Smith College

Stacy Rose, Coos Bay OR

Barbara A. Rosen, Providence RI

David Rosen, Cornell University

Fred Rosen, North American Congress on Latin America

Philip Rosen, Brown University

Robert C. Rosen, William Paterson University

Stanley Rosen, Santa Fe NM

Amy Rosenberg, Mansfield MA

Beatrice G. Rosenberg, Ithaca NY

Ben Rosenberg, Princeton University

Deborah Rosenberg, Chicago IL

Doris Rosenberg, New York NY

Larry Rosenberg, Harvard University

Leon T. Rosenberg, Stanford University (emeritus)

Tuvia Rosenberg, M.D., Paramus NJ

Dr. Naomi and Dr. Walter Rosenblum, Long Island City NY

Daniel Rosenfeld, Aventura FL

Deborah Rosenfelt, University of Maryland

Barbara Rosenkrantz, Harvard University

Deborah Rosenstein, Jewish Cultural School of Greater Washington

Robert A. Rosenstone, California Institute of Technology

Cindy Rosenthal, Hofstra University

Glenda G. Rosenthal, Columbia University

Kathlyn Rosenthal, Huntington Woods MI

Marguerite Rosenthal, Salem State College (MA)

Saul Rosenthal, Terre Haute IN

Sheila Rosenthal, Lafayette Committee for Israeli-Palestinian Peace and Justice

Stanley Rosenthal, Huntington Woods MI

Lawrence Rosenwald, Wellesley College

Penny Rosenwasser, California Institute of Integral Studies

Roy Rosenzweig, George Mason University

Andrew Ross, New York University

Kathleen Ross, New York University

Doug Rossinow, Metropolitan State University, Minneapolis

Emery Roth II, Washington, CT

Michael Rothberg, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Alice Rothchild, M.D., Brookline MA

Diane B. Rothenberg, Encinitas CA

Jerome Rothenberg, University of California-San Diego (eneritus)

Paula Rothenberg, William Paterson University

Jack Rothman, University of California-Los Angeles

Judith Rothman, The Sholem Community Organization, Los Angeles CA

Ruth Rothschild, Wakefield RI

Robert A. Rothstein, University of Massachusetts-Amherst

Michel Roublev, Oakland CA

Susan Rouda, Philadelphia PA

Diana Rowe, Merrick NY

Joyce A. Rowe, Fordham University

Harriette Rovner-Ferguson, East Setauket NY

Judith Rowe, Princeton University (retired)

Peter Rowe, Princeton NJ

Jason Roytman, New York NY

Albert Ruben, New York NY

Andrew N. Rubin, Columbia University

Jane L. Rubin

Joanne Rubin, Great Neck NY

Peter Rudd, M.D., Stanford University

Nicholas Breskin Rudikoff, Brooklyn NY

Lucia Ruedenberg-Wright, New York NY

Marjorie Lebow Rutimann, New York NY

Anne Ruzek

Andy Ruina, Cornell University

Stephen Rush, New York NY

Zina Rutkin, Great Neck NY

Loren Ryter, University of Washington

Margery Sabin, Wellesley College

Daniel Sachar, New York NY

Alan R. Sadovnik, Rutgers University

Jonathan Sadowsky, Case Western Reserve University

Thomas L. Safran, Los Angeles CA

Andrew Salamon, Toronto, Canada

Judith E. Saleeby, Branford CT

Craig A. Salman, Washington DC

Neil Salzman, Fairleigh Dickinson University

Ellen G. Sampson, St. Paul MN

John Sanbonmatsu, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Benjamin Sand, New York NY

Ina Sandalow, Ann Arbor MI

Terrance Sandalow, University of Michigan Law School (emeritus)

Ken Sanderson, Boise, Idaho

Helen M. Saulson, Miami FL

Naomi Siebenberg Santoro, Bronx NY

Alice Sardell, Queens College, CUNY

Liz and Phil Saunders, Dunn Loring VA

Richard Schaefer, San Francisco CA

Mark Schafer, Cambridge MA

Jason Schaffer, Lafayette CA

Patti Schaffer, Tabor Sarah Books

Teya Schaffer, Oakland CA

Sara Schaffzin, Cornell University

Joel Schalit, San Francisco CA

Diane Schapira, Lakeville CT

Barbara Schapiro, Rhode Island College

Ronnie Scharfman, Purchase College-SUNY

Dan Scharlin, Berkeley CA

Edward Schatz, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale

Richard Schechner, New York University

Gary Schechter, New York NY

William Schechter, Brooklyn NY

Michael Scheinberg, Collingswood NJ

Peter Scheiner, York College, CUNY (emeritus)

Naomi Scheman, University of Minnesota

Gerald B. Schenkman, Newtown PA

Irene Schensted, Peaks Island ME

Gordon D. Schiff, Cook County Hospital

Carl Schiffman, Middle Village NY

Jacquelyn L. Schiffman, Middle Village NY

Roberta Schine, New York NY

Arlette Schlitt-Gerson, Kensington CA

Jay Wolf Schlossberg-Cohen, Baltimore MD

Francine Schmelzer, Mount Tabor NJ

Richard Schmitt, Brown University

Peter L. Schnall, M.D., M.P.H., University of California-Irvine

Norman and Helen Schneeberg, Philadelphia PA

Daniel Schneider, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

David Schneider, Northwestern University

Hans Schneider, University of Wisconsin-Madison (emeritus)

Monroe Schneider, M.D., Brooklyn NY

Peter T. Schneider, Fordham University

Sarah Schneewind, Southern Methodist University

Miriam Schocken, University of California-Los Angeles

Howard Schomer, Oakland CA

Ed Schonberg, New York University

Norman Schonfeld, Morristown NJ

Clifford Schorer, Rye Brook NY

Marianne Schorer, Rye Brook NY

Sanford Schram, Bryn Mawr College

Ellen Schrecker, Yeshiva University

Herb Schreier, M.D., Childrens' Hospital Oakland

Carol Schroeder, Columbia MD

Gus Schroeder, Columbia MD

Grace Schulman, Baruch College, CUNY

Jean Schulman, Houston TX

Jerome L. Schulman, M.D., Mt. Sinai Medical Center

Katherine Schultz, University of Pennsylvania

Leroy Schulz, Edmonton, Canada

Anthony Schuman, Montclair NJ

Howard Schuman, University of Michigan (emeritus)

Rachel Schurman, University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana

Sy Schuster, Carleton College (emeritus)

Adam Schwartz, Bearsville NY

Donald Schwartz, Los Angeles CA

Joseph Schwartz, London, England

Lynne Sharon Schwartz

Nina Schwartz, Southern Methodist University

Sharon Schwartz, Columbia University

Zorya and Seymour Schwartz, Briarwood, NY

Howard Schweber, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Libby Schweber, Harvard University

Silvan S. Schweber, Brandeis University

Marc Scott, New York University

William Seaman, Portland OR

Makeba Seargeant, New York NY

Laurie J. Sears, University of Washington

Lore Segal, New York NY

Nancy T. Segall, Evanston IL

Saundra M. Segan, Lehman College, CUNY and Institute of Contemporary Psychotherapy, New York NY

Diana Segre, Hartsdale NY

Joseph and Jessica Segre, Stamford CT

Katherine Segre, Philadelphia PA

Gay W. Seidman, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Steve Seif, University of Louisville

Jerrold Seigel, New York University

Abraham R. Seitel, Minnetonka MN

Susan M. Seitel, Minnetonka MN

Michael Seitz, New York NY

Susan Seizer, Scripps College

Mark Selden, SUNY-Binghamton and Cornell University

Ruth R. Seldin, White Plains NY

Linda J. Seligmann, George Mason University

Andrew J. Seligsohn, Hartwick College

Walter Selove, Wynnewood PA

James G. Serdy, Boston MA

Carroll Seron, Baruch College, CUNY

Michael Several, Los Angeles CA

Donald D. Shack, New York NY

Ellen R. Shaffer, San Francisco CA

Jono Shaffer, Service Employees International Union

Eldar Shafir, Princeton University

Jeff Shalan, Montclair State University

Alex Shalom, New York University School of Law

Beverly Shalom, Oakland CA

Stephen R. Shalom, William Paterson University

Vivienne Shalom, Roslindale MA

Ladan Shams, California Institute of Technology

Ann R. Shapiro, SUNY-Farmingdale

Barry Shapiro, Allegheny College

Burton Shapiro, Bronx NY

Celia Shapiro, Silver Spring MD

Elizabeth Klein Shapiro, Champaign IL

Gary Shapiro, University of Richmond

Herbert Shapiro, Cincinnati OH

Judith Shapiro, Cincinnati OH

Michael Shapiro, University of IIlinois

Michal Shapiro, New York NY

Mirella Shapiro, Yonkers NY

Robert Shapiro, Upton MA

Steven Shapiro, New City NY

Paula Sharaga, Cambridge United for Justice with Peace

Elliott Sharp, New York NY

Craig Sharrow, San Anselmo CA

Mark Shattuck, Albany CA

Adam Shatz, New York NY

Leslie and Stephen Shatz, Stockbridge MA

Roberta Ann Shechter, New York University

Yaakov Shechter, Lehman College, CUNY

Norman Sheidlower, Harvard University

Stanley K. Sheinbaum, Americans for Peace Now, Los Angeles CA

Richard B. Sher, New Jersey Institute of Technology and Rutgers University-Newark

Doris Sher, New Jersey Institute of Technology and Rutgers University-Newark

Daniel J. Sherman, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Judith A. Sherman, Watertown CT

Rebecca Sherman, Natick MA

Ron Sherman, Chicago IL

Scott Cutler Shershow, Miami University

Judith Shevelev, Center for Global Education at Augsburg College, Mexico

Sarah Shields, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Ronald Shiffman, Pratt Institute

Melvyn Shochet, University of Chicago

Elana Shohamy, Tel Aviv University

Elaine Showalter, Princeton University

Ann Shteir, York University

Alix Kates Shulman, New York NY

Marshall Shulman, Columbia University (retired)

Phyllis Shulman, San Francisco CA

Peter M.F. Sichel, New York NY

Carol Sicherman, Pleasantville NY

Marvin Sicherman, Pleasantville NY

Bonnie Siegal, Carmel NY

Col. (Ret.) David L. Siegal, M.D., US Army Medical Corps, Carmel NY

Dorothy Siegel, New York University

Florence Siegel, Jamaica Estates NY

Isadore Mike Siegel, Jamaica Estates NY

J.S. Siegel, New Rochelle NY

James Siegel, Cornell University

Jonah Siegel, Rutgers University

Joseph Siegel, Portland OR

Michael Siegel, Boston University

Arthur Sigman

Toby Sigman

Bernard S. Silberman, University of Chicago

J. Donald Silberman, Dallas TX

Jerry Silberman, Philadelphia PA

Lou H. Silberman, Tucson AZ

Larry Silberstein, Berman Center for Jewish Studies, Lehigh University

Susan S. Silbey, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Carole G. Silver, Stern College for Women

Lee M. Silver, Princeton University

Shirley E. Silver, Bronxville NY

Suzanne Silver, The Ohio State University

Barbara Silverberg, Berkeley CA

Howard Silverberg, Baltimore MD

Marjorie M. Silverberg, Alexandria VA

Jay Silverman, Harvard University

Paul Silverman, Rockville MD

Marsha Silverstein, Oakland CA

Murray Silverstein, Oakland CA

Eileen Simmons, Toronto, Canada

Harvey G. Simmons, York University (emeritus)

Barbara Levy Simon, Columbia University

Bryant Simon, University of Georgia

Harold Simon, Montclair NJ

Lawrence Simon, Bowdoin College

Alan Singer, Hofstra University

Alan G. Singer, Ann Arbor MI

Beth J. Singer, Lynbrook NY

Davida Singer, Baruch College, CUNY

Eleanor Singer, Ann Arbor MI

Judith Y. Singer, Long Island University-Brooklyn Campus

Peter Singer, Princeton University

Rosalind Singer, Berkeley CA

William Singer, Westport CT

Jerome E. Singerman, University of Pennsylvania

Ron Skoletsky, Hercules CA

Daniel Skolnik, Flushing NY

Steven Skulnik, New York NY

Saul Slapikoff, Cambridge MA

Jerome Slater, SUNY-Buffalo

Laura Slatkin, University of Chicago

Charlie Slavin, University of Maine

Avram M. Slovic, University of Pennsylvania

Susan Slyomovics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Marjorie Small, Hastings-on-Hudson, NY

Jonathan Smith, New York NY

Judith E. Smith, University of Massachusetts-Boston

Eric Smoodin, University of California-Berkeley

Lewis S. Smoler, D.M.D., Manhasset, NY

Adam Sobel, Columbia University

Alan Sokal, New York University

Nathan Sokal, Lexington MA

Zelda Sokal, Lexington MA

Natalie J. Sokoloff, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY

An Sokolovska, Somerville MA

Donald Solar, Long Island University

Betty Soldz, Boston MA

Stephen Soldz, Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis

Martha E. Soler, NYC Board of Education (retired)

Dorothy J. Solinger, University of California-Irvine

Beverly Solochek, Brooklyn NY

Alisa Solomon, Baruch College and Graduate Center, CUNY

Ben and Joyce Solomon, Evanston IL

Rabbi Eric Solomon, Congregation Tehillah, Bronx NY

Julie Robin Solomon, American University

Linn L. Solomon, Putnam Valley NY

Mark Solomon, Ithaca NY

Miriam Solomon, Temple University

Renee Solomon, Columbia University

Allan Solomonow, American Friends Service Committee

Alfred Sommer, M.D., Baltimore MD

Jill Sommer, Baltimore MD

Michelle Sommers, Nathan Editeur, Paris, France

Matthew Sonfield, Hofstra University

Mitchel Sonies, New York NY

Lonnie Soury, Soury Communications, Inc.

Roberta Spalter-Roth, American Sociological Association

Elaine Spatz-Rabinowitz, Wellesley MA

William Spaulding, Liceu Opera, Barcelona, Spain

Elizabeth Spelke, Harvard University

Harry Spindler, Boynton Beach FL

Herbert F. Spirer, Columbia University

Louise Spirer, Stamford CT

Melford E. Spiro, University of California-San Diego

Silvia Spitta, Dartmouth College

Leo Spitzer, Dartmouth College

James Spottiswoode, Beverly Hills CA

Claudia Springer, Rhode Island College

Susan Sprung, Florence MA

Judith Stacey, University of Southern California

Peter Stangl, Stanford University (emeritus)

Amy Dru Stanley, University of Chicago

Pamela Stanley, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Peter Stansky, Stanford University

Susan Leigh Star, University of California-San Diego

Bennett Stark, Georgia-Perimeter College

Deborah Stark, CUNY

Evan Stark, Rutgers University-Newark

Marla Ann Stark, Atherton CA

Deborah Starr, Cornell University

Shannon Stearman Engels, New York NY

Arlene Stein, Rutgers University

Daniel Stein, Staten Island NY

Peter L. Stein, San Francisco CA

Richard Stein, University of Oregon

Clarence Steinberg, Silver Spring MD

David Steinberg, Mason OH

Lewis Steinberg, State College PA

Mark Steinberg, University of Illinois

Stephen Steinberg, City University of New York

Susan Steinberg, State College PA

Jack Steinbrock, New York NY

Susan Gilmore Steiner, Claremont Graduate University

Renee Steinhagen, New Jersey Appleseed

Rebecca Steinitz, Ohio Wesleyan University

Michael Steinlauf, Gratz College

Bernard and Luciana Steinzor, Willow NY

Richard Stern, M.D., Hopitaux Universitaire de Geneve, Geneva, Switzerland

Shifra Eva Stern, Riverdale, NY

Mimi Sternberg, Berkeley CA

Heinz W. Sternberg, American Association for the Advancement of Science

Janet Sternburg, New York NY and California Institute of the Arts

Richard C. Sterne, Newton Highlands MA

Rolf Sternglanz, SUNY-Stony Brook

Michael Stocker, Syracuse University

Deanne Stone, Berkeley CA

Erika Stone, New York NY

Rosalinda Stone, New York NY

Robert A. Stone, M.D., Highland Park IL

M. Stone-Richards, Chicago IL

Susan Strasser, University of Delaware

Jessica Strauss, Baltimore MD

Laurie Stricks, New York NY

Richard Strier, University of Chicago

Mary Stroll, La Jolla CA

Karsten J. Struhl, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY

Gina Suever, Cincinnati OH

Susan Sugarman, Princeton University

Esther Surovell, New York NY

David S. Surrey, Saint Peter's College

Barbara Sussman, San Francisco CA

Carl Sussman, Newton MA

Peter Y. Sussman, Berkeley CA

Constance R. Sutton, New York University

Frances M. Sutton, Los Angeles CA

Steven Sverdlik, Southern Methodist University

Cy L. Swartz, Bubbes & Zaydes for Peace in the Middle East, Philadelphia PA

Lois Swartz, Bubbes & Zaydes for Peace in the Middle East, Philadelphia PA

Franklin J. Swartz, Minsk, Belarus

Jonathan Sweedler, Los Gatos CA

Anne Swerdloff, Montclair State University

Howard Swerdloff, Montclair State University

Amy Swerdlow, Sarah Lawrence College (emerita)

Mark Swirsky, Cheltenham PA

Daniel B. Szyld, Temple University

John A. Tainer, Scripps Research Institute

Marlee and Doug Tanenbaum, Staten Island NY

Ilene Tannenbaum, Brooklyn NY

William K. Tabb, City University of New York

Harry R. Targ, Purdue University

Sidney Tarrow, Cornell University

Gary Michael Tartakov, Iowa State University

Jo Tavener, Chatham College

James W. Taylor, Buffalo NY

Silvia Tennenbaum, East Hampton NY

Leonard Tennenhouse

Francoise Teitelbaum, New York NY

Johnny Temple, Akashic Books

Richard Terdiman, University of California-Santa Cruz

Amir Terkel, San Francisco CA

Roni Terkel, San Francisco CA

Mark Tessler, University of Michigan

Jack Tessman, Berkeley CA

Lisa Tessman, Binghamton University

Edward Theil, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (retired)

William H. Theodore, M.D., Bethesda MD

Michael J. Thompson, Hunter College

Sylvia Thompson, Los Angeles CA

Eric Thurschwell, Wynnewood PA

David Thieke, Derwood MD

Irene Taviss Thomson, Fairleigh Dickinson University

Stanley Tick, San Francisco State University

Edith Tiger, Brooklyn NY

Barbara Tillman, New York NY

Lynne Tillman, New York NY

Michael Tobocman, Santa Monica CA

William Toll, University of Oregon

Alan Trachtenberg, Yale University (retired)

Judith Trachtman

Joseph M. Trapani, Babylon, NY

Michael Trencher, Pratt Institute

George Trilling, Berkeley CA

David Trimble, Brookline MA

Shari Troy, New York NY

Amy B. Trubek, New England Culinary Institute

Diane Tucker, New York NY

Irene Tucker, Johns Hopkins University

Dean and Shirley Tuttle, State College PA

Katherine Tynberg

Susan B. Udin, State University of New York-Buffalo

Abraham L. Udovitch, Princeton University

Joel Ulan, New York NY

Sharon Ullman, Bryn Mawr College

Lynn Unruh, University of Central Florida

Avi Urbas, Baltimore MD

Ernie Urvater, Amherst MA

Joshua Urvater, Stockton CA

Jacob Usadi, White Plains NY

Rich Van Heertum, New York NY

Paula Varsano, Smith College

Herbert Vaughan, Albert Einstein College of Medicine (emeritus)

J. David Velleman, University of Michigan

Gabor Vermes, Rutgers University

Val Vinokurov, New School University

Jennifer Vinopal, New York University

Leon F. Vlug, Doylestown PA

Lise Vogel, Rider University

Carol Vogt

Christiane Voith, Erfurt, Germany

Arthur Volbert, Beacon NY

Alex Volin, Philadelphia PA

Beverly R. Voloshin, San Francisco State University

Paul Von Blum, University of California-Los Angeles

Ernst Wagner, New York NY

Harold Walba, La Mesa CA

Donald A. Wald, Stone Ridge NY

Hannah Wald, Stone Ridge NY

Richard L. Wald, Kingston NY

Arthur Waldhorn, City College of New York (emeritus)

Cathy Waldman, Westport CT

Stuart Waldman, New York NY

Leon Waldoff, University of Illinois-Urbana (emeritus)

H. Eberhard von Waldow, Glenshaw PA

Daniel J. Walkowitz, New York University

Rebecca L. Walkowitz, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Irwin Wall, University of California-Riverside

Mark Wall, Fair Lawn NJ

Richard Wall, St. Augustine FL

Amei Wallach, Mattituck NY

Janet Wallach, Washington CT

Jeffrey Wallen, Hampshire College

Immanuel Wallerstein, Yale University

Katharine Wallerstein, New York NY

Michael Wallerstein, Northwestern University

Shelly Wallman, New York NY

Harry E. Walters, McLean VA

Sarah-Rachel Walters, Staten Island NY

Wendy Walters, Brooklyn NY

Terry Walz, Council for the National Interest, Washington DC

Anne Wilson Wangh, The Dance Library of Israel

Charles D. Wantman, South Orange NJ

Roberta E. Wantman, South Orange NJ

Grace Bakst Wapner, Woodstock NY

Jerry Wapner, Woodstock NY

Zellman Warhaft, Cornell University

Steven Warnecke, New York NY

Robert M. Warren, Jamaica Plain MA

Rabbi Bruce Warshal, Hillsboro Beach FL

Lynne Warshal, Hillsboro Beach FL

Thomas E. Wartenberg, Mount Holyoke College

Howard Waskow, Portland OR

Arthur A. Wasserman, New York NY

Neil Wasserman, Belmont MA

Richard Wasserstrom, University of California-Santa Cruz (emeritus)

Ian Watson, Rutgers University

Mark W. Weber, Ethical Society of Cleveland

Nathan Weber, New York NY

Terry Weber, Urban Academy Laboratory High School, New York NY

Marvin Weinbaum, Washington DC

Jack Weinberg, Chicago IL

Robert Weinberg, Temple University

Sue Weinberg, Hunter College, CUNY

Florence Weinberger, Malibu CA

Steven H. Weinberger, George Mason University

Bernard Weiner, San Francisco CA

David Weiner

Richard R. Weiner, Rhode Island College

Shirley Weiner

David J. Weinstein, Jamaica Plain MA

Harvey M. Weinstein, University of California-Berkeley

Jay Weinstein, New York NY

Jay A. Weinstein, Eastern Michigan University

Leonard H. Weinstein, Cornell University

Linda Weinstein, New York NY

Stacey and Matthew Weinstein, Brooklyn NY

Leta K. Weintraub, New York NY

Eric Weisberg, Packer Collegiate Institute, Brooklyn NY

Marian Weisberg, New York NY

Laura Weisel, Brookline MA

Martha Weisman, Woodside NY

Dale Weiss, Milwaukee WI

Jason Weiss, Brooklyn NY

Judith Weiss, New York NY

Samuel A. Weiss, Chicago IL

Karel Weissberg, Arlington VA

Liliane Weissberg, University of Pennsylvania

Susan Weisser, Adelphi University

Naomi Weisstein, SUNY-Buffalo

Margot Adler Welch, Harvard University

Robert Weltzien, Hamden CT

Rachel Wener

Marilyn Werbe, Detroit MI

Peter Werbe, Detroit MI

Toni Werbell, New York NY

Fred Werner, Cornell University

Roger Wertheimer, United States Naval Academy

Joel Westheimer, University of Ottawa

Robert Westman, University of California-San Diego

Ken Wexler, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Carol E. Wheeler, New York NY

Frank Whigham, University of Texas-Austin

Loretta White, Paradise Valley AZ

Joel Whitebook, Columbia University

J. Lindsay Whitton, M.D., Scripps Research Institute

Louis Wilker, Philadelphia PA

Patrick Wilkinson, New York NY

C. K. Williams, Princeton University

Harold W. Williams, South Palm Beach FL

Rick Williams, University of Oregon

Ellen Willis, New York University

Jack Willis, New York NY

Kate Willis, New York NY

Mary Willis, New York NY

Eleanor Wilner, Philadelphia PA

Howard Winant, Temple University

Daniel Winarick

Zack Winestine, New York NY

George Winnett, Rutgers University (emeritus)

Susan Winnett, University of Hamburg, Germany

Gary Winslow, SUNY-Albany

Robert M. Winston, Asnuntuck Community College, Enfield CT

Jo Ellen Winters, Bucks County Community College

Robert L. Winters, Abington Senior High School

Debra Wise, Underground Railway Theater

Joyce F. Wisnewski, Platteville WI

Judith Wittner, Loyola University Chicago

Leon Wofsy, University of California-Berkeley (emeritus)

Allison Wolf, Baltimore MD

Beverly Wolf, Richmond CA

Diane L. Wolf, University of California-Davis

Franklin Wolf, M.D., Reading PA

Jessica Wolf, Fairfield CT

Manfred Wolf, San Francisco State University (emeritus) and University of California-Berkeley

Peggy Wolf, Seattle WA

Grey Wolfe, Portland OR

Michael Wolff, University of Massachusetts (retired)

Margaret Wolfson, New York NY

Bruce Wolman, Bethesda MD

Kim Wool, Seattle WA

Carole Woudenberg, River Vale NJ

Richard Woudenberg, River Vale NJ

Phyllis Wrynn, Brooklyn NY

A. David Wunsch, University of Massachusetts-Lowell

Donald Wysham, M.D., Wilsonville OR

Miriam Wysoker, New York NY

Stephen Yablo, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Lesley Yalen, Brandeis University

Abby Yanow, Somerville MA

Richard Yanowitz, New York NY

Ruth Bernard Yeazell, Yale University

Peter Yedidia, San Francisco CA

Simone Yehuda, Siena Heights University, Ann Arbor MI

Edward Yelin, University of California-San Francisco

Louise Yelin, Purchase College, SUNY

Ben Yen, University of California-San Francisco

George Yevick, Stevens Institute (retired)

Miriam L. Yevick, Rutgers University (retired)

Alfred F. Young, Northern Illinois University (emeritus)

Christopher M. Young, Ithaca NY

Elizabeth Young, Mount Holyoke College

Emily Young, Duke University

Judith A. Young, New York NY

Marilyn M. Young, Oak Park IL

Michael D. Young, Brooklyn NY

Laurie Schwab Zabin, Johns Hopkins University

Michael Zaccaria, Cumberland County College

Mayer N. Zald, University of Michigan

Jason Zaler, Temple Beth Israel, Scottsdale, AZ

Ellen Zaltzberg, New York NY

Leon Zamosc, University of California-San Diego

Eli Zaretsky, New School for Social Research

Claudia Zaslavsky, New York NY

Sam Zaslavsky, Baruch College, CUNY (emeritus)

Dr. and Mrs. Leslie M. Zatz, Stanford CA

Noah Zatz, Brooklyn NY

Scott L. Zeger, Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health

Amos Zeichner, University of Georgia

George Zeidenstein, Harvard University

Sondra Zeidenstein, Goshen CT

Linda Zeidman, Community College of Baltimore County-Essex

Froma Zeitlin, Princeton University

George E. Zeitlin, New York NY

Jonathan Zeitlin, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Karen Zelermyer, Astraea Foundation

Dorothy M. Zellner, New York NY

Isaac Zieman, New York NY

Aaron Z. Zimmerman, University of California-Santa Barbara

Karen Zimmerman, Tujunga CA

Mitchell Zimmerman, Palo Alto CA

Howard Zinn, Auburndale MA

Lauren Zinn, Ann Arbor MI

Roslyn Zinn, Auburndale MA

Eric Zinner, New York University

Eric Zivian, San Francisco CA

Aristide R. Zolberg, New School University

Vera L. Zolberg, New School University

Daniel Zwanziger, New York University

Ruth and Andrew Zweifler, Ann Arbor MI

Arnulf Zweig, Baruch College, CUNY

Richard L. Zweigenhaft, Guilford College

Burton Zwiebach, Queens College, CUNY (emeritus)