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Rogue Nation Missile Threat, Waste, & Missile Defense

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   The below links detail reasons why the so-called threat is totally unreal.  Real Reasons for anti-Missile system would be against a rogue Russian missile, against China's fledgling force, or to defend Israel and possibly Taiwan from neighbors.  But there is no foreseeable threat from North Korea, Iran, or, of course,   Iraq.

  3/10/05  Test Gliches Delay Missile Defense -- ordered into production without being proven, test failures now hiddlen from American public by declaring them secret information

Iran Missile Threat Debunked-Wash Post

How Washington Establishment Worked over the CIA to create Rogue Nation Missile Threat WASHINGTON POST report by Michael Dobbs  1/14/02

Iran Missile Threat Debunked --Wash. Post detailed study

CIA Alters Estimates of Threats--Non-Missile Attacks Likelier  -bio/nuke by ship or truck

How the CIA changed its Analysis under Political Pressure after Rumsfeld Commission declared that rogue states could have nuclear missiles targeted on America by 2010 --no way true

No Rogue Nation Credible Missile Threat--MSNBC Charley Reese --conservatives need to answer these arguments 

Ballistic Missile Defense --Federation of American Scientists

Missile Test had Homing Beacon

Media Ignores Missile Test Data --beacon not reported

Star Wars Lobby --Who, How, and $$$

Missile Defense Against What? --new questions

Scott Ritter on Washington's Lies about Iraq Missile Threat